Grade 4: The Life and Adventures of Sojourner Truth, by b303/Mulvehill

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The Life and Adventures of Sojourner Truth :

The Life and Adventures of Sojourner Truth By Nayla Epps and Emily Le

Sojourner Truth:

Sojourner Truth

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Sojourner Truth was born in 1797. Sojourner Truth was born in Ulster County, New York, United States. Her birth name was Isabella Baumfree Sojourner Truth was born a slave. Sojourner Truth Facts

Early Life :

Early Life When Sojourner Truth was nine years old, she was separated from her parents and sold to a new owner. Some owners treated her cruelly. In 1810, John Dumont, and his wife Sally bought Isabella for $175. New York state passed a law to grant freedom to slaves of Isabella’s age but Mr. Dumont refuse.

Early Life Part II:

Early Life Part II Sojourner Truth decided to take her youngest child and walk away from the Dumont family. Isabella was bought by the Van Wagener family where she was treated with care and respect. After Sojourner Truth escaped, she heard that her son Peter had been sold as a slave to a southern slave owner. Since slavery was no longer legal in New York, Truth knew that Peter can’t be sold as a slave. In 1828,Truth sued a slave owner in court , she won the court case and Peter’s freedom.

Life as an Abolitionist:

Life as an Abolitionist Isabella changed her name because she believed that God meant for her to stand up and change the world. Sojourner means travel . Truth means to declare the truth. Sojourner Truth’s job was speaking against slavery and for the rights of blacks and women. An abolitionist is a person who speaks for slavery. She chose this job because she wanted to stop slavery. As a former slave she knew that slaves were treated poorly and made to work long hours with no rest.

Life as a Women’s Rights Activist:

Life as a Women’s Rights Activist The name of Sojourner Truth’s famous speech was “Ain’t I a Women?” Sojourner Truth gave her speech in 1854 at the Ohio Women’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio. The point of her speech was to convince the men to care about women rights. She wants woman to have the same freedom and rights as white men. These rights include being able to own your own house, choosing your own job, and get paid well for your work.

Remembrance :

Remembrance Sojourner Truth passed away on November 26 in 1883. She was buried Oak Hill Cemetery next to her grandson in Battle Creek, Michigan , United States. The people remember Sojourner Truth by reading her books and seeing her statue. Sojourner Truth is important to me because she gave freedom to our country. She made the black women feel proud of themselves. As a young woman of color, my life would be a lot different if Sojourner Truth didn’t fight for women’s rights. For example, I could be separated from my family and not be able to get a job when I grow up.

Picture of Sojourner Truth Statue in Battle Creek:

Picture of Sojourner Truth Statue in Battle Creek

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