Grade 4: The Life and Adventures of Sojourner Truth, by b303/Mulvehill

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The Life of Sojourner Truth :

The Life of Sojourner Truth By Keeshawn Redden-Lee and Aaliyah Guerra

Sojourner Truth:

Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth Facts :

Sojourner Truth Facts Sojourner Truth was an African-American woman born in 1797. Sojourner Truth was born in Ulster County, New York. Sojourner Truth’s birth name was Isabella Baumfree. Sojourner Truth was born a slave.

Early Life :

Early Life Isabella had a poor life as a young slave because she was sold away many times. Also some of her owners treated her cruelly. In 1810 John Dumont and his wife, Sally, bought Isabella for $175 . Sojourner Truth sued a white man because her son Peter was being sold in a different state. When Isabella was 30 years old she ran away from the Dumont’s with her daughter. Isabella became a free women in 1827. New York passed the law to make slaves free in 1817 but it wouldn’t take effect in 1827. So Isabella had to wait ten years to be free.

Life as an Abolitionist:

Life as an Abolitionist Isabella changed her name because she said God gave her the name because she was to declare the truth to the people. Sojourner means to travel. Truth means to declare the truth. Sojourner Truth was an abolitionist. An abolitionist fights to end slavery. Sojourner Truth picked this job because she wanted to end slavery forever. Sojourner felt that slavery was an injustice because white men got to take black people from their families. Also slavery was an injustice because some slaves were treated cruelly like they were whiped and when they tried to escape they were killed.

Life as a Women’s Rights Activist:

Life as a Women’s Rights Activist The name of her famous speech was called “Ain’t I A Woman Sojourner Truth gave this speech in Ohio at the Women’s rights Convention in 1851. The point of her speech was so she could tell people how black people and women should have the same rights as white men.

Remembrance :

Remembrance Sojourner Truth passed away in 1883. Sojourner Truth was buried in Battle Creek. People remembered her by the statue in Battle Creek. I think Sojourner Truth was important because she worked to end slavery and if it wasn’t for her slavery could still exist. I feel that it is important to end slavery because slavery is wrong and really mean to black people that they don’t have the kind of freedom that the other people had. Sojourner Truth made it easier to be a woman by letting us go to school and work and letting woman do the same things as men.

Picture of Sojourner Truth Statue in Battle Creek:

Picture of Sojourner Truth Statue in Battle Creek

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