Grade 2: Discover the Seven Continents, Africa, by b221/Smith

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A f r i c a By Lily De Los Santos

Fun Facts:

Fun Facts Africa has the longest river in the world called the Nile river. Africa has the biggest desert in the world called the Sahara Africa is the second largest continent. Africa once had many more animals than it does today.


Animal-Lion The lion is one of the fiercest animals in Africa. The lion is one of biggest cats on Earth. Lions are big, powerful animals. They are probably the most famous animals in the cat family. Lions are called the “king of beasts” because of their beauty and power. Most lions live on grassy plains in the middle and southern parts of Africa.

Product – cocoa beans:

Product – cocoa beans These cocoa beans come from Africa. Cocoa beans come from trees and they are used to make chocolate. People once used cacao beans as money.


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