Grade 2: Animals, Tiger Sharks, by b118/Beck

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Tiger sharks:

Tiger sharks By Jacori


Body Tiger sharks are fish. They are 14feet long. Tiger sharks have stripes like a Tiger. The stripes fade as Tiger sharks grow. Christian9 project noah


Habitat Tiger sharks live in oceans. They spend the day in deep water. At night they swim into warm , shallow to hunt . Mark salnikov project noah


food Tiger sharks hunt sea snakes , seals , squid , sea turtles , and other sharks. They even eat garbage like cans and battles. Tiger sharks will eat whatever they find . glbnoahlo9


pet It will not be good because it’s to big to fit in my house. Because it will try to eat me and it lives in the oceans. I can feed it cause I have the food for them. Leximarkeli project noah


Bibliography Tiger sharks , pebble go. www.pebble go. com

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