Grade 2: Endangered Species of the World

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Endangered Species of the World:

Endangered Species of the World Created by the 2 nd Grade Students of Room B310 Mrs. Spade

Endangered Species of North America :

Endangered Species of North America Who They Are and How We Can Help Them

American Crocodile:

American Crocodile My animal is endangered because people were hunted for their hides. People are destroying their habitats. We need to stop killing the America Crocodile so they won’t keep disappearing. People need to stop destroying their habitats. by DARRELLE COMER My animal is a reptile. My animal lives in wetlands and fresh water in North America. My animal eats fish, turtles, mammals, and water birds. It finds food on coastal areas where it lives. My animal has tough and scaly skin like armor. It can swim 20 miles an hour. It hides under water and he waits for an animal and he jumps and try to eat it.

Snowy Owl:

Snowy Owl My animal is endangered because poachers want white feathers. Global warming is ruining their arctic habitat. Their habitat is also being ruined by people drilling for oil and cutting down trees. We can help by stop using gas and cars. And walking more. And passing laws to protect the owls. And re-using and recycling paper. by Christina Medor My animal is a bird. It lives in the arctic tundra where it’s icy and cold. My animal can be fond in Canada and Asia and Europe. The Snowy Owl eats mice, rodents, and rabbit, and is a carnivore. It has incredible vision to capture its prey. It can swallow food whole. It is a day and night hunter. It looks snowy white, 20 to 28 inches, and the wing span is 5 feet. It can change color from brown in the summer to white in winter.

Polar Bear:

Polar Bear My animal is endangered because of global warming . The ice is melting and polar bears are drowning when they are looking for food. Some native people hunt them for food. We can help the polar bears if we stop polluting the earth which can stop global warming and we can stop hunting them for food . by Rachelly Guerrero My animal is a mammal. It lives in dens and snow banks in the Arctic tundra. My animal can be found in North America. My animal’s diet is seals, walrus, beluga , and fish. My animal finds food in the arctic by swimming beneath the ice. My animals body is ten feet tall and weighs over 1400 pounds. Female polar bears nurse her cubs for 2 and a half years.

Right Whale:

Right Whale The right whale is endangered because they were being hunted for their blubber. They were easy to hunt because they found food near the shore. They get hit by boats and tangled in fishing nets. People can help by not hunting them and stop oil drilling . The ship can stop bumping into them. People can stop using nets to catch fish near the whales . by Sarah Tayo My animal is a mammal who lives in the ocean around North America. My animal eats plankton and krill. My animal is about 60 feet long . It has no dorsal fin. It is black with gray patches. My animal eats 2,625 pounds of food a day. It takes in water and krill with its mouth then pushes the water out and the food gets trapped in the baleen. Right Whales have thick blubber. They live near the coast and are rarest of all the large whales.

Bald Eagle:

Bald Eagle My animal is a bird. They live in forests next to bodies of water. They are a symbol of the United States. They find their food in bodies of water. You can find them in North America. The bald eagle has wings and a white head and a black body . The bald eagle is endangered because airplanes are bumping into them. The bald eagle is also endangered because people hunt them to eat them. They were also killed by DDT. People can help them by telling the government so the government could tell other people to not eat them. They could also put them in a secure place . by Shamila Santana

Endangered Species of South America :

Endangered Species of South America Who They Are and How We Can Help Them

South American Jaguar:

South American Jaguar Jaguars are endangered because poachers hunt for jaguars to get to their fur even though it’s against the law. Their habitat is being ruined because people are cutting down all the trees for logging, farms, and towns. The tall grasses they hide in to hunt are dying because of pollution. People can help by planting more tall grass for the jaguars. They can stop throwing trash on the ground so the pollution can stop and yellowish, fresh new grass can grow. They can also put the poachers who hunt in jail. by Ashley Cuneo My animal is a mammal. My animal lives in swampy places in a den in South America. My animal eats armadillos, birds, deer, crocodiles, fish, and sheep. They find their food in bushes, on river banks, and in high grass. A jaguar kills it’s prey with one big bite. Jaguars hardly ever attack humans. In South America all jaguars have black fur with black spots. They are the third biggest of the cats. It climbs trees and swims well.


Toucan My animal is endangered because humans cut down trees to build houses, cabins, and books. Avoid buying products made from rain forest wood and help to raise money to help protect the rain forest of South America . by Majanellies Chala My animal is a bird. It lives in the rainforest on tree branches. It can be found in South America or Central America. My animal eats small birds, insects, fruits, and small eggs. It has black feathers and it has a sharp, rainbow beak.

Giant Armadillo:

Giant Armadillo Giant armadillos are hunted for their great deal of meat and people chop down their homes to make bigger neighborhoods. We could help giant armadillos by making a law that says don’t chop down any more trees and don’t hurt them any more. by Shamari Skelly My animal is a mammal. My animal lives in underground burrows. The continent my animal lives in is South America. My animal eats termites, insects, spiders, worms, larvae, snakes and carrion. Giant armadillos have extremely long claws to dig for their food. A giant armadillo has 80 to 100 teeth.

Andean Cat:

Andean Cat This animal is endangered because humans hunt them and their prey, the chinchilla for their fur. Some people destroy their habitat. We can help by not killing them. We can help by saving them from the people who hunt them . by Jayden Pierre My animal is a mammal. It lives in the Andes Mountain Range in South America. The Andean Cat eats birds, armadillos, and small rodents. It has thick, gray fur and it’s small. It has red spots. It is one of the most endangered wild cats. It can live to be 16 years old.

Endangered Species of Asia:

Endangered Species of Asia Who They Are And How We Can Help Them

Asian Elephant:

Asian Elephant The elephant is endangered because the number of Asian elephants is getting smaller because people are cutting down the plants and grass in their habitat. People could keep the Asian elephant safe in a safe place where there’s strong tall fences. and where there’s tall trees together and where there’s grass. by Tyler McNair My animal is a mammal. My animal lives in forests and grasslands in Asia. My animal eats grass and trees. It finds food in grasslands and eats as much as 660 pounds of plants a day. It has rough gray skin that is hairy. Asian Elephants are smaller than African Elephants. Their ears are smaller and their back is rounded.

Snow Leopard:

Snow Leopard The reason they are endangered is because humans are killing them because Snow Leopards are killing all the domestic animals in the mountain. We can help by putting up papers saying Please don’t kill Snow Leopards anymore before Snow Leopards are extinct. by Lucas Silva My animal is a mammal. It lives in a den in Central Asia. Snow Leopards eat sheep and goats. Snow Leopards can be found in Tibet. Snow Leopards find their food in the mountain in Central Asia. A Snow Leopard is able to jump as far as 50 feet (15 meters).

Komodo Dragon:

Komodo Dragon The komodo dragon is endangered because the prey have been hunted a lot by poachers so there are very few of their prey left. Sometimes they eat animals that are sick and they get sick , too. We can leave their prey alone and not hunt their prey. We can build wildlife zoos and keep them in there. We can create a safe habitat by stopping poachers. by Shaun Phan My animal is a reptile who lives in burrows in the savannah, monsoon forests, and woodlands of Indonesia which is in Asia. The komodo dragon has stocky legs , muscular tail , scaly skin that is grayish –brownish all over. The Komodo Dragon is a carnivore. That means it eats other animals. The komodo dragon can sense an animal over 2.5 miles away. It eats water buffalo and deer and anything larger. Sometimes it eats small animals. If the prey is big the komodo dragon will aim for the back leg and bring it down. If the prey does not come down the komodo dragon will bite again but this time it spits bacteria into where it bites. When it does that it follows the prey until the prey dies. l

Asian Lion:

Asian Lion Only 200 to 260 are living in the wild because poachers hunt and kill them everyday for their manes and fur. The Gir forest used to be a place where royal people hunted lions so most of the lions were hunted. The Gir forest is now a lion reserve where they protect the animals from being hunted . by Narelyn Contreras The Asian Lion eats antelopes and monkeys and they are carnivores. My animal is a mammal that lives in lairs and dens. They can be found in the Gir Forest in India. They find food in the jungle in Asia. The female does most of the hunting. They weigh up to 500 pounds. Only males have a mane. They all have sharp teeth, claws, and yellow eyes and tan fur. They live in groups called prides. Lion cubs have spots at birth that disappear with age.

Endangered Species of Africa:

Endangered Species of Africa Who They Are And How We Can Help Them

Mountain Gorilla:

Mountain Gorilla My animal is endangered because poachers are hunting them and killing them. Also they are endangered because its hard for them to find food when people are cutting down their forest. We can help protect the mountain troops by keeping the poachers away from the gorillas. We can protect their habitat by stopping people from cutting down their forests. by Tatyana Williams My animal is a mammal. My animal lives in a place where there are a lot of trees. It’s called a forest. You can find my animal on a mountain in the continent of Africa. It is a herbivore because it eats plants. My animal is covered with black fur. It has four legs and its arms are longer than its legs. A group of gorillas is called a troop . The male silverback is in charge of the troops. They look fierce but are really shy and friendly animals.


Cheetah My animal is endangered because people shoot it for its fur. Its home is being turned into farms as people clear the land. We can help it by moving farms somewhere else so that we don’t need to destroy its habitat. We can also create laws to not hurt anymore animals. We should put the poachers in prison longer. by Nathan Sinclair My animal is a mammal. It lives in dens and grass lands. My animal can be found in Africa. The cheetah is a carnivore. It eats gazelle , eggs , hares , lizards , and guinea fowl. The cheetah is the fastest land animal. The cheetah is the weakest African cat.

Black Rhino:

Black Rhino It is endangered because it has been hunted for its horns for medicine . They are losing their habitat because people are destroying it. We can help them if people stop hunting them for their horns. We can also stop destroying their habitat. By Malik Adams-Rosa My animal is a mammal. My animal lives in wetlands. My animal can be found in Africa. My animal is a herbivore , it eats plants. It finds food on the ground and it finds food on trees. It eats up to 220 different kinds of plants. It is gray and it has 2 horns by its pointed upper lip. It stands about 140 -160cm high a shoulder. The black rhino may reach up speeds of 50 km/h.

African Gray Wolf:

African Gray Wolf My animal is endangered because of habitat loss by humans. They can build a giant fence around it and feed it! by Jaylin Williams My animal is a mammal . My animal lives in the savannahs of Africa . My animal is a carnivore. It eats moose, buffalo, & hyenas! My animal can run really fast. My animal has an alpha male who leads the pack. 2-12 are in a pack! My animal has thick fur, large paws, grayish brown, black, and white fur.

Endangered Species of Australia:

Endangered Species of Australia Who They Are And How We Can Help Them


Bandicoot My animal is endangered because foxes and wild cats hunted them. Also people blame them for ruining their crops because of my animals digging. We could save it by helping them and not trying to kill them. By Aliyah Laroche My animal is a mammal. My animal lives in burrows , grass lands and sand hills. My animal can be found in Australia. My animal is small and it has gold fur. It’s 3 pounds and has a pouch. It also has pointy ears. My animal’s diet is plants, seeds, worms and mushrooms. My animal can find most of their food in the ground by digging. They can go weeks without water.

Tasmanian Devil:

Tasmanian Devil The animal is endangered because it can get facial cancer. People can help by stopping them from having cancer and bring them to the vet fast. By Cash Miles-Neal My animal is a mammal. My animal lives in a forest. My animal can be found in Tasmania, Australia. The Tasmanian Devil is a carnivore. It eats snakes, birds, and insects. It has soft black fur. It has very sharp teeth.

Tasmanian Kangaroo:

Tasmanian Kangaroo My animal is a mammal. My animal lives mostly in the grasslands of Australia. My animal is a plant-eater, and eats grass. My animal can travel about 30 miles per hour without stopping for water or something to eat. My animal has wooly hair and powerful hind legs . It can be gray, red, or brown. Female Tasmanian kangaroos are smaller than male kangaroos. This animal is endangered because people hunt it. Humans are clearing their habitat to make bigger farms. They’re getting hit by cars and are getting poisoned, too. People could help it by not driving too fast and paying attention when driving. People should stop cutting down their habitat. By Maurice Taylor

Endangered Species of Antarctica:

Endangered Species of Antarctica Who They Are And How We Can Help Them

Emperor Penguin:

Emperor Penguin It is endangered because the chick can fall from under the dad’s belly and land on ice. Global warming causes icebergs to fall and block the route to the sea to get food. It takes thirty miles to get back with food. The chick can starve. Man made pollution is destroying their food source. Humans can help them by looking for babies and making sure that the dad doesn’t walk to fast and drop it . They can help it by less pollution . Stop man made pollution and global warming. by Curtis Plump Jr . . My animal is a bird. lt lives on the icy coast of Antarctica. It eats krill, fish or even squid. It has black all over and a white belly. It has yellow on its neck. The mother hunts all winter for fish for its chick so it can get healthy. The dad takes care of the egg and the chick all winter.

Sperm Whale:

Sperm Whale This animal is endangered because people hunt them in oceans so they could eat its meat. People hunt them because they want to kill them for their blubber. We can help the sperm whale by keeping them in the ocean and putting them in a safe place. by Rachelle Pimentel My animal is a mammal. My animal is found in the ocean around Antarctica. My animal is a carnivore and it’s diet is squid and fish. They have blue wrinkled skin. Sperm Whales are spotted in groups [called pods] . There are 15 to 20 animals in a pod. Pods include females and their young. Males roam from pod to pod.

Humpback Whale:

Humpback Whale Humpback whales are hunted and they get entangled in fishing gear. Sometimes humans hit the whales with their boats. People can help by donating money to places that save the whales. Do not get close to a humpback whale so you won’t hit them with your boat. by Lidia Disla My animal lives in the ocean around Antarctica. It eats plankton and tiny crustaceans. It is black on top and white underneath. It has a hump – like a dorsal fin. It has flippers and a tale. Males are famous for their haunting songs that attract females. They do not have teeth. They have baleen. A mother feeds her calf 100 pounds of milk each day.


THE END Together we can save these animals and our planet.

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