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Nina Simone! : 

Nina Simone! February 21, 1933- April 21, 2003

Childhood/earlylife! : 

Childhood/earlylife! When Nina was ten years old, she gave her first piano recital. It was there that she had her first experience with racism. During the recital, her parents were removed from the first row to allow some whites to sit in their seats. She grew up in Tyron,North Carolina,USA. She had four brothers and three sisters. Her parents’ names were John D. Waylon and Mary Kate Waymon.

education/Where did They Learn their skills? : 

education/Where did They Learn their skills? For Nina’s last year of high school she went to Juilliard School of Music. A rich woman paid for her education.She got rejected by the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.

Accomplishments! : 

Accomplishments! Nina Simone wrote songs that became part of the Civil Rights Movement. These included: “Mississippi Goddam,” “Black-lash Blues,” “Old Jim Crow,” “Four Women,”and “To be Young Gifted and Black.”She received two honorary degrees in music and humanities from the...

Accomplishments(Cont.) : 

Accomplishments(Cont.) ...University of Massachusetts and Malcolm X College. She was an American singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and Civil Rights activist that dealt with jazz music.Her music was very important in the fight black people faced for equal rights at this time in America.

Accomplishments(Cont.) : 

Accomplishments(Cont.) Her powerful music was a source of inspiration and enjoyment for her time, and continues to be for singers who followed her.

Accomplishments(Cont.) : 

Accomplishments(Cont.) Nina played piano for the school choir as a child and played accompanist at Arlene Smith Studio in Philadelphia.

accomplishments (cont.) : 

accomplishments (cont.) Two days before her death she was awarded an honorary degree by the Curtis Institute, the school that had turned her down at the start of her career.

challenges! : 


The First Challenge! : 

The First Challenge! Ms. Simone was accused of not paying her taxes and lost her house to the IRS.

The Second Challenge! : 

The Second Challenge! Her family was poor growing up.

The Third Challenge! : 

The Third Challenge! She was divorced a year after she was married, And when she remarried, she was divorced ten years later because of her career.

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