9 Strategies for Dealing with the Stress of Moving

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At Low Country Moving Specialists LLC, we know moving can be an exciting time, but it’s a very stressful one as well. No matter your reasons for moving, it is widely considered as being one of the most stressful life activities. That makes it essential that you make use of some key strategies for reducing the potential for stress.


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9 Strategies for Dealing with the Stress of Moving As a Charleston SC moving company we know moving can be an exciting time but it ’s a very stressful one as well. No matter your reasons for moving it is widely considered as being one of the most stressful life activities. That makes it essential that you make use of some key strategies for reducing the potential for stress. As long as you plan well in advance and remember some of the best coping strategies moving might actually be fun If you ’re looking for ways to make the transition to your new home as stress-free as possible then here are the best strategies you should consider. While nobody claims to enjoy moving home it might actually be a lot easier to cope with than you think. Start Early The earlier that you start to prepare for a move the easier it will be to manage without stress. Usually a house move is known about well in advance and that means that you have the luxury of time to ensure that your move is not as stressful as it could be. Always

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factor in additional days and weeks to get the most important tasks completed and your move could be much less stressful than you expected. Have a Sanctuary While it ’s a good idea to pack as much as possible as quickly as possible it is often a good idea to leave one room until as late as possible. Having a little home sanctuary away from the boxes and clutter that always come with a house move can give you somewhere to relax and destress at the end of another day of planning and organizing. Your favorite books your comfy chair anything you need to make your old home still feel like home before a move will make it much easier to destress at the end of a busy day. Stay Positive Sometimes we have a house move forced upon us by circumstance. If that ’s the case then don ’t dwell on those negative thoughts. Moving to a new location can be very exciting if you adopt the right mental attitude. Consider the people that you are going to meet and the new friends and local amenities that you might get to enjoy. You ’re heading off to a new and better life no matter your reasons for moving. Focus on the positives and your stress levels will not overwhelm you. Neighborhood Research It ’s always a good idea to do some research about your new home. For those moving to Mount Pleasant or Charleston from further afield this will be a new experience for you. If your move means that you are staying in the same area then you probably don ’t need to do as much research on schools malls the best restaurants or the best moving companies in Charleston. However if you ’re moving out of state then do your prep. Look at local events that you might enjoy explore the local clubs and societies and you ’ll be in a much more positive frame of mind as you start unpacking in your new home. Get Professionals You can always tell who your best friends are because they are the ones that will offer to help you move. While this is can be very useful it ’s always a better idea to make use of professional movers. Friends and family can be unreliable and they are prone to complain if the packing and carrying of boxes takes up too much of their day. Hiring professional movers in Charleston means that you can relax much more easily and with the insurance that they carry you can be assured that even if there are any unfortunate breakages you ’re going to be covered.

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Use Friends That ’s not to say that you shouldn ’t use your closest friends or family members to help reduce the stress of your move. While you might not want to use them to help pack and carry boxes you can use them elsewhere to help minimize stress. If you have children that will be in the way on moving day make sure that they spend the day with someone they know. Pets can be a nightmare on moving day too and you should find someone to look after stressed pets for the day. Pets can get very agitated when there are lots of people coming in and out of their home all day and looking after them yourself can only add to your stress levels. Old Friends One of the worst moments of a move is when everything is done and it ’s time to say goodbye to your friends. This is a point where you will likely reach one of the stress peaks so make sure that you do it right. Make specific plans to meet up again and whether that ’s in a few weeks or the same time next year knowing that this is not a permanent goodbye can make it much easier to wave your farewells from the car. Introduce Yourself You are going to have new neighbors so you should definitely take the time to go and say hello to them. It ’s almost as nerve-wracking to have new neighbors move into an area as it is to move yourself People are always wary when it comes to their neighbors because having bad neighbors can drastically affect your quality of life. Not only will going to introduce yourself put your mind at ease but it will also make them feel better as well. This is a great way to reduce stress and you might even make a few new friends in the process. Quick Routine Changes It ’s very easy to get used to the daily routines of life but moving can shake those routines up dramatically. If you are new to this area of South Carolina for example you may need to familiarize yourself with the basics. Whether it ’s a long commute to work or a quicker school runs in the morning your daily schedule is very likely to change. It ’s a good idea to know about these changes in advance but many of your routines will be thrown out of sync by the unexpected changes to your new area. Identify those changes and don ’t try to force them to fit into your old routine. Instead focus on making your new routine more time-effective and stress-free.

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The most important thing to remember if you want to keep your stress levels down during a move is that this is a new beginning. Life involves constant change and that ’s a good thing. While final chapters can be difficult to cope with new chapters in your life should be exciting. Focus on the positives and you will have the best coping strategy for controlling and managing your stresses no matter where you ’re moving to. Blog Reference-: https://www.lowcountrymoving.com/9-strategies-for-dealing- with-the-stress-of-moving/

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