Horizontal Blinds Vs Plantation Shutters


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Horizontal Blinds Vs Plantation Shutters

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Horizontal blinds and plantation shutters may look similar but they each offer different benefits to homeowners. When searching for the perfect window treatments for your home weigh the pros and cons of each style.

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If you prefer modern clean lines over soft draping chances are that you gravitate toward blinds rather than drapes as your go-to window treatment. But even once youve made that design decision you have a variety of specific blind and shutter options from which to choose. In addition to tackling details such as material and color you have to pick a basic window treatment structure. Horizontal blinds and plantation shutters will both give you a clean sleek look that you can customize to fit your design scheme.

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Structure Horizontal blinds generally mount at the top of the window frame and hang down. You can open and close raise and lower the blinds using an attached cord and can leave the blinds hanging part of the way down the window if desired. Plantation shutters on the other hand are mounted completely into the window frame and do not move up and down. They often open and close via a rod that manipulates the entire shutters louvers at once or the whole shutter can be opened into the room like a door.

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Aesthetic Options Both horizontal blinds and plantation shutters are available in an array of colors and materials though the selection is greater for traditional blinds. Most plantation shutters are made from wood or faux wood with small slats although vinyl is also an option blinds can feature wider slats and come in plastic aluminum and other materials. When picking between the two in addition to considering your preferred colors slat sizes and materials think about the character of the room in question and whether the style of blinds or shutters would best complement that decor.

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Energy Efficiency Because plantation shutters fill the window frame completely they can increase your homes energy efficiency. Closing plantation shutters can reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer in addition to blocking out summer sun that can heat a house. Although wooden horizontal blinds can also act as natural insulation the fact that they hang away from the window decreases their effectiveness on this front.

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Cost Theres no getting around it: Plantation shutters are generally more expensive than horizontal blinds. The construction is more specialized and youll have fewer inexpensive material options. Additionally whereas many homeowners can mount horizontal blinds on their own you may wish to call a professional to install interior window shutters which will increase the overall cost. However properly installed plantation shutters should last for years whereas blinds might need to be replaced if they break if the cord gets tangled or if they deteriorate from constant use.

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Your windows frame your view of the world and they shape how others see your home inside and out. Choose window treatments that reflect your decorating style and personality and dont be afraid to put down more money up front for a set of blinds or shutters that will last for years. Weighing aesthetic and practical issues side by side will help ensure you make the right decision for your space.

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