The Importance of Email deliverability on Email Marketing


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The Importance of Email deliverability on Email Marketing

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Email marketing campaigns are one of the essential elements of any marketing strategy. It communicates and builds relationships with prospects help boost marketing ROI and gathered important data. As important as these campaigns are for marketers many miss the mark and continue to fall short on the campaign’s return. In able to build and maintain and execute effective email marketing campaigns you must pay close attention to your audience your content and avoid the common trap of simply blasting out self- promotional messages. This can only lead to recipients hitting the delete button more than opening your message.

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When it comes to the deliverability of your email it is usually expressed as a percentage in how many email will actually make into the inbox of your recipients. In able to create a deliverable email campaign you must first understand the landscape and the challenges that must be overcome to place a message to your recipients’ inbox. Each receiving internet service provider individual accounts and business email exchange uses significantly different rules to validate email addresses. There’s quite a bit to learn and the landscape changes every day.

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And because email marketing campaigns are sometimes complicated and detailed most businesses turn to specialists such as marketing automation solution providers to handle much of the mechanics of a campaign. The deliverability of your emails is affected by the business process and reputation of an email service provider however the most critical deliverability factors are rest with you regardless of which email marketing solution you will going to use.

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The biggest risk to your deliverability is having you email misidentified as a spam. Spam is the unsolicited commercial messages. There are instances that some think of it first in connection with advertising but spammers also use this to spread malware. Remember that any type of electronic messaging can be a channel including the instant messaging social networks and mobile phones and so on but it is most disruptive in an email.

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How your sender reputation affects deliverability Internet service providers are the one who tracks the reputations of Sender Company. From the point of view of the receiving server when it comes to IP addresses the past performance is an indication of future results. And if an IP address is consistently delivers good email then it is likely that this new email is good too. Otherwise if an IP address consistently sends bad emails then it is also very likely that any new email it sends is bad too.

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