Animal Welfare Organisations


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For the Love of Wildlife is an animal welfare and volunteer organisation, restoring the essential connection between all living things to bring our planet into balance.


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Animal Welfare Organisations:

Animal Welfare Organisations

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Animal welfare organisations are non-government organisations. They are member-based, independent of government and industry and derive almost all of their funding from public donations.

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Animal welfare organisations are concerned with the health, safety and psychological wellness of animals. It could be an animal rescue group which helps individual animals in distress.

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Freedom from discomfort Freedom from hunger and thirst Freedom to express normal behavior Freedom from fear and distress Freedom from pain, injury and disease treatment What assistance do they provide for animals?

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Environmental protection Sufficient habitat Proper facilities Animal protection legislation Animal Rights Organisations Seek

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Enforcement of existing animal protection legislation Advancement of such legislation Raising public awareness Knowledge about animal welfare issues Direct care for animals in need Animal Welfare Organizations are focused on four main things

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