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For the Love of Wildlife is an Australian animal rights organisation. Our aim is to improve animal rights worldwide and raise awareness of animal rights’ issues.


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Animal Rights Organisations The Animal Rights Organizations are strongly recognized to the links between the oppression of social justice in animals and environmental causes. These organizations have aimed to build coalitions with other organizations that promote social justice and sustainability to create a better world for the animals. Animal Rights Organizations idea is that all non-human animals are living in these organizations.

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Organizations have provided to the freedoms for animals: o Freedom from discomfort o Freedom from hunger and thirst o Freedom from pain injury and disease treatment o Freedom to express normal behavior o Freedom from fear and distress Animal rights organisations seek o Environmental protection o Sufficient habitat o Proper facilities o Animal protection legislation

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Advantages: o Environment friendly o Sufficient space o Proper facilities in this organization o Animals have the right to be free from abuse and exploitation o These organizations have provided to the non-human environment. For more details please visit:

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