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Lovell International Summer Camp in Switzerland is a fun summer programs & activities for kids & teens in Switzerland and Europe. Swiss Summer Camps, International Summer Camp in Switzerland is a overnight summer camps for teens with camping activities for kids, leadership training program, language camps, junior/senior camp.


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TRADITION and INNOVATION The 2014 Summer Camp will be fondly remembered as one of the best summers we have had here at Lovell Camps. Despite having a little too much rain our 41 years of experience a phenomenal team of international teachers instructors and staf members combined with great leadership made the summer unforgettable and set a new bench mark for how a Lovell Camps summer should be. The fundamental nature of our summer camp has not changed since the frst summer camp season in 1973 and that is the true emphasis on the children that attend. This is the magic of Lovell Camps the interaction between the leadership staf and campers. The great people that help us achieve our goals year-in-year-out who truly un- derstand the concept of keeping the campers safe making sure they are having fun and helping them learn grow and discover. 2014 saw a number of changes namely our new program director Ms. Erin Carter who although is no stranger to Lovell Camps took over the reigns from Mr. Brian Bentley. New session options ofering families 2-week 3-week and 4-week sessions new interest groups such as golf and photography/video editing see page 8 for a list of interest groups and new excurions and programs. We also introduced an intensive outdoor education program culminating in a 2-day Ad- enture Challenge for older campers see page 10 for a list of excursions. We are proud of the summer camp tradition that has been nurtured here in the Saanenland and to be able to share this tradition with the many new faces we meet every summer. It is always exciting and rewarding to welcome back campers children of former campers even grandchildren of former campers to camp. We hope you enjoy this edition of the ‘Summer Times’ which is full of great articles written by campers and great pictures which will evoke memories of what truly was an exceptional summer Wishing you all the best and we hope to see you next summer The Lovell Family July Campers August Campers The Lovell Camps Team Lovell International Camps AG Rübeldorfstr. 5 3792 Saanen Switzerland - 1 OFFICIAL SUMMER NEWSLETTER OF LOVELL INTERNATIONAL CAMPS AG SUMMER 2014

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The last few weeks at Lovell Camps has been some of my favourite days ever Making new friends going rafting making videos going to the chocolate factory high ropes and many other fun activities. Being able to watch the World Cup gave me such a thrill. I love watching football. I got to stay up later than others and watch Brazil play. The Argentina and Ger- many game was really interesting and a sad game to watch. It was interesting because everyone was screaming and yelling because they were excited about the game. It was sad because Argentina lost. Singing dancing and playing sports was fun too. – Ritika 2 Lovell International Camps AG Rübeldorfstr. 5 3792 Saanen Switzerland - My experience with overnights was that I felt like I was doing the impossible because my muscles were hurting. When I saw the waterfall it cheered me up When I thought I couldn’t do it anymore we took a break and I had a sip of water and a snack. It gave me the strength to fnally contin- ue. When my boot touched the peek of the mountain I felt proud of what I had accomplished. I saw the most beautiful parts of Switzerland and I was happy. – Bruno Au Disco je me suis amuse beaucoup on a danse et on a chante Tout le monde a rigole a manage des snacks au chocolat. Un garcon de camp qui s’appeller Bruce etait deguise au PSY Gagnam Style. Il a danse tres bein et on a rigole beaucoup ave Loui. Preseue toutes flles a mit des robes et les garcon a mit quelque chaus pas tres formale. C’etait le plus amusan Disco qu on a j’aime - Marili Hello everyone - its Dila Bala Ece and Ainhoa We are going to share some memories and moments with you. For example river rafting was really fun. We were all scared at the beginning because of the temperature of the water and the suits we had to wear but in the end we had a great time and we were glad we tried it Splashing the other boats made us enjoy every second we spent rafting. High ropes was also a good experi- ence but some of us had a hard time. For example Bala was stuck in the same tree for two hours while Ece and Dila were stuck in the same zip-line laughing at their situation. On the other hand Ainhoa was enjoy- ing her lunch and laughing at their struggles. I don’t have a favourite day all the days were awesome and everyday was as good as the one before Also it is a small camp and the advantage is that you know everyone. Also all of the counselors are really kind. My favourite interest group was mountain biking because it is a new sport and I learned a lot. You really need to be careful while biking. – Elie LOVELL CAMPS All of my days at Lovell Camps were fun. I was homesick at times but I was fne. My favou- rite teacher was Ms. Keri but all of the other teachers are fun too Lovell camps is the best camp – Toni life at lovell camps - schönried

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3 I look forward to coming to Lovell Camps every morning to make new friends try new things and to have a fun day After being there for a few days Lovell Camps starts to feel like your home. Every morning we get to camp and start of with morning program. During morning program we usually play games and participate in fun activities with our fellow campers. Morning program is a good way to make new friends and talk to people who you normally wouldn’t talk to. Along with being with other campers you also get a chance to be with your counselors and camp leaders. After morning program all campers go down ot the Saanen school-house to have language lessons. The two languages ofered are French and English. Campers are divided into groups based on their ability to speak the language they have chosen. This year there are three French classes and two English classes. Language teachers whether French or English are kind and very helpful in teaching the language. After a relaxing lunch with good food we have a short break to get ready for swimming. After being dropped of at the Gstaad pool 4 swimming teach- ers instruct campers based on ability. For about 1 hour we learn new swimming techniques and swim with our friends. When we return to the Saanen school-house we split into the Interest Groups who chose at the beginning of camp. There are many diferent choices from golf to cooking baking to dance and rock-climbing. Interest Groups are a fun way to end the day campers’ days before going home. At camp you make new friends learn interesting things and participate in fun experi- ences that you will never forget – Alana Ginny When I arrived at Lovell Camps I met a lot of new friends. Every new day I meet new friends. We played a lot of diferent games went swimming high ropes rafting and so much more. I got to play tennis and learn how to rock climb. Almost everyday we go swimming in Gstaad. Everyone really enjoys it especially me. Our days are busy with language morning program swimming lunch and interest groups. Some days we have free swimming or even a pool party. I am so excited to go to the Aquaparc When I arrived at Lovell Camps I met a lot of new people. When we frst met we played diferent games to get to know one another. When we started playing bas- ketball I met Kerim and Barin. In the evening we had a campfre where I met Stas. I am very happy because I have new friends. All of the people at Lovell Camps are very friendly amazing and funny. Thank you Lovell Camps

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4 Lovell International Camps AG Rübeldorfstr. 5 3792 Saanen Switzerland - Camp makes me feel excited because I love it. My favourite parts of camp are the Aquaparc and the disco party – Sabrina life at lovell camps - saanen Camp makes me feel happy My favourite part of camp was shopping. Camp was so good. My favourite Interest Group was Creative Science with Mr. Matthew. – Tino Camp makes me feel happy My favourite part of camp was Aquaparc. – Georgie Camp makes me feel excited because I like it My favourite part of camp was the disco party and Aquaparc. My favourite Interest Group was tennis – Marco Camp makes me feel excited My favourite part of camp was mountain biking with Mr. Tom. – Paddy Camp makes me feel happy. My favourite part of camp was football – Mario Camp makes me feel excited because we do exciting games. My favourite part of camp was archery because it was a lot of fun. – Abigail Camp makes me feel happy My favourite part of camp was every- thing because it was just way too much fun. – Lara Camp makes me feel happy My favourite part of camp was moun- tain biking because I can sit on my favourite bike. - Enzo

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5 My favourite things about camp are: 1. The food was great 2. Aquaparc was fun and I loved the slides. 3. Science because I liked to make the explosion. 4. I liked to climb on things during rock climbing. 5. The teachers were so nice 6. I loved dancing - Fatima I loved camp My favourite part of camp was horseback riding because I love horses – Angela J’aime le camping parce qu’ on fait griller des marshmallows. J’adore l’escalade. J’adore Aquaparc. J’adore apprendre a nager – Max J’aime Aquaparc il ya des toboggans. J’adore le tira l’arc et fair des gateaux. – Azlan J’aime le camping. J’adore l’escalade. J’adore Aquaparc. J’aime griller des marsh- mallows. J’adore Lovell Camps – Xara J’aime Aquaparc parce qu’il y a des toboggans. J’adore faire du cheval. J’adore faire des gateaux. J’aime le football aussi. – Malak My favourite things about camp was the Aquaparc creative science and football. The Aquaparc was interesting. Creative science was fun. Football is such a popular game with all of the boys. – Nick My favourite thing about camp is horseback riding because I love animals and I love horses. Horseback riding makes me happy. I can make friends with my horse. Sometimes I can ride with my horse to another place. When I feed him he gets re- ally happy – Vivian J’aime les groups d’interet parce que je fais de l’escalade et je fais des gateaux. J’adore fair griller de marshmallow parce que c’est delieux. J’aime le camping parce que ce n’est pas commun. J’adore jouer aux quatre coins parce. – Lilly

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Lovell International Camps AG Rübeldorfstr. 5 3792 Saanen Switzerland - 8 interest groups 2014 • archery • cooking and baking • creative science • dance • football • golf • horse riding • mountain biking • photography and video editing • rock climbing • tennis My favourite day of Lovell Camps was the day we had football interest group. It was a sunny day and it was a little bit windy. We set out after lunch and shortly arrived at the camp. We started to play as quickly as we could. We passed dribbled ran shot and had great fun. We had a match after practicing. Although we lost 2-4 we were still very happy. Football is my love – Rex I like horseback riding because it was exciting and fun. There were very good horses and they were very fast – Mike During the camp I discovered a new sport for me – moun- tain biking. I chose it as one of my two Interest Groups. For the frst lesson we went near the Saanen airport to learn how to use the breaks on the rocks and to change the speeds. On the frst lesson I fell twice. I had a lot of appreciation for the next lesson. For the third lesson Mr. Bryce took us up the mountain and we had to go down to Saanen by ourselves. The frst two minutes I was terri- fed but then it was good and I wasn’t afraid anymore. We joined the main road and we had to be careful of cars. We arrived at the camp in Saanen and I was very proud of myself. – Eli Cooking and Baking etait incriable J’aime prepar le noiriture avec mes amies mais j’aime le plus le manage. On a fait news gateaux Se tres fantastic meme sion avaut pas beacoup de temps. On a fait beaucoup de choses. - Isabella Faire de la cuisine tres amusant et une bonne activite pour les enfants. J’ai appris beaucoup en cuisinant laver la vaisselle maître les decher dans la poubelle moutre le ustansille dans le placare. J’aime beaucoup faire la cuisine car sa moccupe beaucoup dans mon premier cour on devait ecrire se que on voulait faire sion s’inscrit a cette activite. Mon deuxieme court etait on a fairs des cook- ies et des cookies au chocolat c’etait tres bon ensuite pour mon troixieme court on a fait des bronis au chocolate et des cupcakes a la bananes. Je suis malbeuressement trisite parce que on a fait que three court mais cetait tres bien. - Margaux “Tennis is a sport for everyone” said Mr. Andrew. I never thought I would be able to play. I was wrong. When I came to camp I had trouble hitting the ball. Now I can rally with other players. Not only can I pass I can serve and billons more. Now I hope I can play all the time. Mr. Andrew is a tennis pro. He doesn’t ever yell or get mad. Also he teaches you everything you know not by explaining for twenty minutes but by telling you while you play. Mr. Andrew is a professional teacher and I think he should be a professional player. By the way we practiced on Rodger Federer’s Gstaad practice court – Sophie Golf is a game played by many people many ages sizes and countries. It is not the most popular sport in the world and not the fastest game played either. But it requires respect honour dignity and sportsmanship. These traits required in the game teach people an important life les- son diferent for every person. That what makes the game special and unique. During the summer with Lovell Camps we had golf lesson at the Gstaad and Saanenland Golf and Country Club. Our teacher Mr. Christian was a professional player and was even sponsored by Titleist and Callaway. In the end we were all better golfers than when we started which is an accomplishment. On the frst day we started on the driving range with Mr. Christian. All of the stretching and exercises used all of the muscles we would use in a swing. He taught us tactics and techniques useful for golf and our everyday life. We saw how all of his students in the past were always happy. That’s because they had learned the important traits golf has to ofer and used for their everyday life and on the golf course. – Julius Oli

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Lovell International Camps AG Rübeldorfstr. 5 3792 Saanen Switzerland - 9 For my frst year at camp its been a blast For one of my two Interest Groups I chose creative science with Mr. Matthew. We’ve learned so much from the science of your hair to terraforming Mars. Creative Science has been so much fun For our frst day we had the task of building a bridge that could hold Mr. Matthew’s shoes but we had limited re- sources and it had to be a certain length. By the end we added more weight to the bridges to see whose could hold the most weight. I came in second but it was still fun to see how much weight the bridges could hold. On our second day we started of with some brain teasers and learning about the brain. But for the hard part we had to take a walk around town and make a map of all we had memorized. Lovell Camps has been so much fun From river rafting to shopping it has been amazing making all these great memories. I am defnitely coming back next year and I am looking forward to new memories already – Maggie Rock climbing in the mountains of Switzerland was a lot of fun. We made new friends learned new skills on how to climb up the mountain faster. We all laughed at the jokes of Mr. Ivan Mr. Nick. We went to two diferent places for climbing. One was more difcult then the other. The frst place was next to a road on top of a river. There were two lines both very difcult. The second place we went was in the Alps at 2800 meters. This place was in the middle of the trees. It was freezing cold up there in the high moun- tains of the Alps. There were two very hard sources but very easy for Mr. Ivan Mr. Nick. When we were at the top of the mountain you could see all of the Alps and the little towns nearby. This was a fun experience that Lovell Camps ofered us. We all had fun spending time laughing and learning how to climb with Mr. Ivan and Mr. Nick. Rock climbing was a wonderful experience. I had fun staying at Lovell Camps – the best camp - Filippo I went mountain biking in the Swiss mountains with my friends A.A Samuel Ahmed Mr. Tom and Mr. Tyson. Mr. Bryce took us to the top of the mountain with his van and then he dropped us. We mostly went downhill. While we were biking the view was incredible. We went over a wa- terfall and through the trees. The hard part of the session was the rocky course through the woods. We had to liter- ally brake the entire time and it was really tricky but I didn’t fall once on the course. After that we kept going downhill and I learned how to control the bike. It was fun to bike on the street too. We stopped at the obstacle course and we did some mad stunts We went back to camp and it was so much fun. That’s why I like Lovell Camps the best I rate it 5 stars - Amir

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Lovell International Camps AG Rübeldorfstr. 5 3792 Saanen Switzerland - 10 weekends excursions fun and adventure Saanen Chölisgrind Hike and Cookout • Hornberg Cookout • Montreux Jazz Festival • Lauenensee Cookout • Tent Camping Overnight • Cabane de la Sarouche Overnight • Grubenberghütte Overnight • Berghotel Arnensee Overnight • Fromatthütte Overnight • Berghotel Hornberg Overnight • Auberge du Sanetsch Overnight • Swiss Open Tennis Tournament • Aquaparc • Pool Party and Barbecue • City Visit To Thun • Olympic Musuem Lausanne • Disco • Special Events Day • Schönried Chölisgrind Hike and Cookout • Hornberg Cookout • Montreux Jazz Festival • Lauenensee Cookout • High Ropes Outdoor Pool - Zweisimmen • Rafting on the Sarina • Chocolate Factory - ‘Maison de Cailler’ • Castle of Gruyere • Wildhornhütte Overnight • Geltenhütte Overnight • 2-Day Adventure Challenge - Arnensee to Lac Retaud • Overnight at the Zeller Alphütte Helicopter Rescue with Air Glacier • Challenge by Choice - Flühseehütte Lenk • Grubenberghütte Overnight • Auberge du Sanetsch Overnight • Swiss Open Tennis Tournament • Bowling • Aquaparc • Pool Party and Barbecue • City Visit to Bern • City Visit To Thun • Disco • Special Events Day •

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Lovell International Camps AG Rübeldorfstr. 5 3792 Saanen Switzerland - 11 High ropes is an amazing activity at Lovell Camps. It is an activity that requires bravery and courage. You never give up even on the hardest obstacles. It has multiple courses from the Brown Fox the easiest to the Black Eagle the hardest. I tried most of them including the Black Eagle. I will admit it was really frustrating but I didn’t stop. When you look back at what you did it is a good feeling. I think the high ropes is so much fun and I recommend it – Ahmed A Montreux j’ai fait du shopping ave mes amis. Meme si il pleuvait on s’est bein et amuse. Le festival de Jazz avait beaucoup de personnes connues ce qui nous rejouissait. Le shop- ping etait tres amusant. Meme si on avait peu de temps c’etait assez pour visiter Montreux. – Dila I think that my favourite day at Lovell Camps was visiting Bern. Bern is the capital of Switzer- land. It was fantastic We were walking in the city going to shops buying food and souve- nirs. After that we went to an old church and it was beautiful. I really liked Bern it was amazing. One day I want to go back there again – Filipp I think that my favourite day at Lovell Camps was when we went river rafting. The water was so cold but it was nice after spending the day in the sun. When we went in the wa- ter I felt like I was in paradise That night we went bowling and it was fun too. I loved it when the lights turned of and the neon lights came fashing on. Overall camp was great - Isabella C. My favourite thing about camp was the Aquaparc. It was so much fun and it had cool slides and I loved the wave pool. Also “The Toilet” slide was so cool I liked the black ride too. It was a fun day. The food was good - Nahar Hello members of Lovell Camps and Parents When we went to the Cailler Chocolate Factory it was the best day ever. The Cailler Chocolate Factory was huge white and smelt like chocolate. When we walked in I felt like I was in paradise There was choc- olate everywhere mini bars of chocolate and huge bars of chocolate every size imaginable We started with learning where chocolate came from then we went to diferent rooms with diferent types of chocolate. At the end we saw how chocolate bars were made in real life. My favourite part of the Choco- late Factory was when we went to the tasting room I only tasted white chocolate and milk chocolate. Finally it was buying time. I bought a lot of white chocolate but some milk chocolate too This was a very nice and fun trip. Thank you to the Lovell Camps counselors and members Best summer camp ever - Marili Swimming at the Zweisimmen pool was one of the best experiences I got the chance to do throughout August. One of the most awesome things at the pool was a huge water slide that led you into the pool. Everyone had a blast there and it’s one of the best camp experiences this year When we got to the amazing pool we had just fnished high ropes and we were ready for a long dip in the nice cold pool. There were many awesome features such as a three-meter tall diving board that towered over the pool and just next door to the diving board was an awesome volleyball court. There was an intense game of volleyball where all of the campers participated. After we went to the waterslide where we had a crazy and fun time. We concluded our day by watching Mr. Tyson and Mr. Nichol throw Ms. Sarka into the pool. Overall we had an awesome experience at the Zweisimmen pool – Oli

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12 Lovell International Camps AG Rübeldorfstr. 5 3792 Saanen Switzerland - This award was established 41 years ago to recognize campers that go above and beyond in all aspects of the camp program. These campers participate fully in all camp programs are helpful show great leadership skills and basically represent a Lovell Camps Outstanding Camper Every Lovell Camps session ends with an award ceremony where all campers are recognized for their achievements in language interest groups and swimming. Families are invited and are welcome to share in this ceremony meet their children’s friends and the staf members who have taken care of them and to see all of the fantastic things that their chil- dren have experienced over the course of a camp session. Campers who attend a 3-week or 4-week session are eligible for the prestigious ‘Outstanding Camper Award’ and new this year ‘The Bentley Award.’ It is ceremonies like these that create special moments such as bringing 3 Outsanding Campers from the same family all together see picture below right. A brand new award which is named in honour of Mr. Brian Bentley who was the summer camp director for 17 years. The award recognizes campers that have shown a notable positive change or personal development during their time at camp. july Saanen Enzo - china Rex - china Georg - russia Cristina - spain AugusT saanen july Schönried AugusT schönried 2014 outstanding campers 2014 BENTlEy AWARD WINNERs an outstanding camper family great leaders make great camps july Saanen Marco - ITALY Marianne - GABON ines 2000 Fernando 2000 cristina 2014 pictured left to right program leader - schönried mr. phil harris south africa/switzerland program director ms. erin carter canada program leader - saanen ms. emilie antonsen denmark JIAYI - CHINA Maxim - RUSSIA AugusT saanen july Schönried AugusT schönried

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