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PowerPoint Presentation: LOVE LIFE DRAWING Love Drawing Podcast 6: Pauline Bellamy Edit: I give the website for the Bellamys incorrectly in the podcast – their website is My wife and I have been on holiday in New Zealand for the last three weeks, which was amazing. The only downside, I thought, was that I wouldn’t have a chance to add anything to lovelifedrawing for ages . Fortunately we came across the Bellamy Gallery in Dunedin. In this gallery lives the work of the multi-talented Bellamy family . Read Full Blog …

PowerPoint Presentation: LOVE LIFE DRAWING Portraits: the ultimate challenge Portraiture is an art form of endless possibilities. Drawing is very expressive, and faces are arguably the most expressive thing that we see. So it’s no wonder that portraits, in all their myriad forms, are one of the most captivating types of art . Read Full Blog ….

PowerPoint Presentation: LOVE LIFE DRAWING Across America – Joe Simpson’s stunning exhibition in Birmingham A few months ago Joe Simpson gave us a fantastic interview about how he developed his skills and style of artwork (you can listen to it here). He’s got an exhibition on now in Birmingham at Reuben Colley Fine Arts in Birmingham, 7th – 22nd June 2013 . Read Full Blog ….

PowerPoint Presentation: LOVE LIFE DRAWING Drawing technique video series – portraits We’re excited here at to have created our first video! This is all about drawing technique and how to build up a drawing. This is our first attempt – please give us feedback on our effort in the comments below. We’d love to learn and improve so we can produce better videos for you all in future . Video …..

PowerPoint Presentation: LOVE LIFE DRAWING Drawings from your fellow life drawing students This was a great year of art for the life drawing class at ULU. Lots of great pictures and lots of improvement among the students, which is perhaps the most exciting thing. Mod White produces fascinating drawings on a consistent basis, and seems to ever up her game. Her 2 minute sketches were astonishing as usual, but the portrait really blew my mind . Read Full Blog ….

PowerPoint Presentation: LOVE LIFE DRAWING THANK YOU

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