TCA Peel and Acne

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TCA Peel and Acne Acne is not a rare problem, most of the teens are found suffering from this skin problem. Acne is characterized by red color raised patches and bumps on the skin. The bumps are formed due to overactive sebaceous glands. During puberty, teens are found with an imbalance in hormones and pH abnormalities that provide healthy environment for acne development. There are other reasons for acne too, and it can happen even later than the teen-age limit. Acne can be controlled if proper action is taken on time. Eating a well balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, fish, etc, and using a suitable skin cleanser instead of soap for regular washing can help you fight acne onset. Not only you have to fight acne by maintaining a good skin health internally, but also you have to keep the skin in good conditions by applying suitable skin care products regularly. As precautionary measures, you can use products containing elements like salicylic acid that clean out the skin pores deeply and kill the bacteria that encourage acne formation. The skin oil production is also to be controlled. Trichloroacetic acid, TCA, is considered an effective tool to fight acne. Skin professionals use TCA peel treatment to fight acne. This treatment reaches the source of acne, controls skin’s pH, and increases collagen production. TCA peel is considered very effective against acne. It is clinically proven that acne responds well to a TCA treatment while ensuring no severe side effects are associated with the treatment. If you have to treat acne with TCA peel, you may have to pay a good amount for each treating session. However, if you have some experience of chemical peels, and have collected all the required information about a TCA peel treatment for acne, you can do it at home for a fraction of amount that you would have to pay to a plastic surgeon for the same treatment. However, do not just tempted to save some money on the expense of your appearance. Try this treatment at home only if you have the confidence and knowledge of this particular chemical peel. Otherwise, you are bound to suffer from many unwanted results and complications, which nobody like to experience when it comes to address the face. A TCA peel treatment is found very effective to treat many skin flaws in addition to acne. TCA peel is a medium-depth chemical peel treatment that works deeper than a light peel treatment but lighter than a deep phenol peel. Healing time of this peel is around seven to fourteen days. The skin becomes red and swollen after the treatment. The swelling can become worse for the next 48 hours. Many such discomforts can be controlled by taking certain measures. TCA peel can help you get rid of acne and mild acne scars. Not only this, it can help you get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, uneven pigmentation, sun damages, etc. By reducing aging signs, it can give your face a healthy and younger look. Once you undergo a proper TCA peel treatment and once you heal properly, the results will be very encouraging. TCA peel treatments are generally performed in a doctor’s office or by skin care professionals. You may need some sedative before the procedure begins. Certain ointment has to be applied after the treatment. More importantly, you have to follow many before and after treatment instructions very strictly. Following the instructions carefully means you get the desired results and you will also be able to prevent any discomforts and side

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effects. It is a better idea to get all the relevant details before you consider doing this treatment. References:

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