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This is unit 2 “let’s eat” : 

This is unit 2 “let’s eat”

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This is unit 2 “let’s eat” This unit talks about food, the food we like, the fodd we usually eat adjetives about food, comparatives , superlatives. And a will show you a paragraph about the food i like and i’m going to compare fast food with the food we prepare at home, will tell you an experience, i had when i went to a restaurant in my city and a will talk about a new restaurante in my city.

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Paragraph I perfec eat at home than eat fast food . The food i eat at home is better because i know the way that prepare food in so healthy. Fast food is good but we never know. We don’t know here that food come from and it is healthy or not. Fast food is faster but also is more expensive that the food we prepared at home.

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For valentines day me and friends went to a restaurant to have a dinner . The restaurant is called Neruda. We went there and we asked for food that the we didn’t know well how it was. I asked for a salad.

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It was normat, not bad atall. But my fiends didn’t like the food they say that there wasn’t good taste. we wait a long time for food that we didn’ like so much and it was so expensive. Also we had bad attebtion so we eat and we left the restaurant quickly.

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. In my city there is a new restaurant called “De galas” this restaurant is the most popular now. But also is the smalles. I was there and the food is awesome. Is the best dinner i’ve ever had. The atmosphere is the most relaxed, and the most interesting in the city

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I lived a lot, this unit because i could learn so money words, i didn’t know about food and i improved my speaking and writing skills

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