the Principle-of-Emptiness


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Think ……..

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Have you got the habit of hoarding useless objects, thinking that one day, who knows when, you may need them ?

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Have you got the habit of accumulating money, and not spending it because you think that in the future you may be in want of it?

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Have you got the habit of storing clothes, shoes, furniture, utensils and other home supplies that you haven’t used already for some time?

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And inside yourself...? Have you got the habit to keep reproaches, resentment, sadness, fears and more?

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Don’t do it!  You are going against your prosperity!

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It is necessary to make room, to leave an empty space in order to allow new things to arrive to your life.

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It is necessary that you get rid of all the useless things that are in you and in your life, in order to prosperity to arrive.

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The force of this emptiness is one that will absorb and attract all that you wish.

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As long as you are, materially or emotionally, holding old and useless feelings, you won’t have room for new opportunities

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Goods must circulate.... Clean your drawers, the wardrobes, the workshop, the garage...

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Give away what you don’t use any longer...

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The attitude of keeping a heap of useless stuff ties your life down.

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It’s not the objects you keep that stagnate your life...

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but rather the attitude of keeping...

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When we keep in store, we consider the possibility of wanting, of penury..

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we believe that tomorrow it may lack, and that we won’t be able to fulfil those necessities..

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With that idea, you are sending two messages to your brain and to your life:

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That you don’t trust tomorrow...

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and you think that the new and the better are not for you,

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For this reason you cheer y.s. up by storing old and useless stuff.

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Get rid of what lost its colour and brightness...

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Let the new enter your home...

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and yourself.

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For this reason, after reading this...

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Don’t keep it...

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Make it circulate...

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May prosperity and peace reach you soon

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