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Poem by Jaime Sabines


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I Love You At Ten In the Morning

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I love you at ten in the morning, and at eleven, and at twelve. I long for you, my soul and my body long for you, sometimes, when it rains in the evening.

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But at around two or three in the afternoon, when I start to think about you & me, and you begin to complain about food, work or entertainment that you lack, I get down to hating you quietly, with the other side of myself which nurtures hate for myself.

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A bit later I love you again, when we lie down together and I feel that you are made for me. I feel at home when my hands witness the touch of your knees and abdomen. I feel there is no better place where I could come to myself, but your body. You are completely you when I find you, and we both disappear for an instant, laying there by ourselves in the Mouth of God, till I tell you that I’m hungry and tired.

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Every day I love you and I hate you, inescapably. And there are days and hours as well when I do not even know you, when I feel you are are so foreign to me as any other man’s wife. Men ‘ lust worry me, and I worry myself, I am distracted by my own pains. It’s very possible that I won’t think of you for long while. Tell me my love , Who could love you less than I do?.

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