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Jack and the Beanstalk By 1 Goulder

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Once upon a time there lived a very poor family, who had nothing to eat. Jack lived with his mother, and all they had was an old milking cow. Jack, go and sell the cow for cash. Ok Mother. MOOOOO!!!

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Jack’s mother told him to sell the cow for some money so they could buy food. On the way to the market he met a kind, old man. Hey there young man. Take these five magic beans and you can give me your cow.” I will miss you buddy. MOOOO!!!

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WHACK! Jack walked home with his head down because he missed his cow. When He got home he showed Mum the magic beans. She was so angry that she whacked him on the bottom with a wooden spoon and sent him to bed without supper. Then she threw the beans out of the window. As his tummy was growling that night, an enormous beanstalk magically grew from their garden. JACK! NOW I’M SO ANGRY! YOU HAVE TO GO TO BED NOW! But...we are poor. I don’t have a bed.

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In the morning Jack looked out of his window and saw the magical beanstalk. Jack went outside and started to climb the beanstalk. From her bed, Jack’s mum saw him on the beanstalk and she was worried. Jack climbed up and up and up...until his head popped through the clouds. I’m gonna climb the beanstalk!

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In the distance Jack saw a beautiful, golden, shining castle with a path that led to him. Jack was SO excited that he ran quickly to the large solid door. OH! INCREDIBLE!

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Jack climbed up the large, solid door and wiggled through the keyhole. He heard a loud noise. Jack saw a hairy, mad gorilla beating his chest. The gorilla was sitting at his table counting his golden bananas. The floor was covered in banana skins. After a while the gorilla fell asleep. ONE BANANA! OO OO OO ! TWO BANANA! OO OO OO ! THREE BANANA! OO OO OO !

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Jack thought of an idea. He sneaked to the table, climbed up a leg, and stole the golden bananas. As he was running away, Jack slipped on a banana skin. BANG!!! The noise woke the gorilla up. The gorilla went crazy, beating his chest, and chased Jack out of the castle.

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Jack snuck through a crack in the door, and climbed down the beanstalk as fast as he could. WHEEEEEE!

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At the bottom he grabbed an axe and chopped the beanstalk down. The gorilla fell down and was caught by the zookeeper. Jack and his Mother sold the golden bananas for lots of money, and they lived happily ever after. The End I was worried about you. Phew! At least I’m out of there! OO AA AA AA AA !

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