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Badminton Serving Instruction Slideshow:

Badminton Serving Instruction Slideshow Louie McConnell 2 nd Period

Badminton Serving Rules:

Badminton Serving Rules Game starts by deciding who will serve. The decision is made by tossing the birdie in the air. Whichever player the birdie is facing decides whether to serve or be served to OR choose the preferred side of the court. Re-Toss Required

Badminton Serving Location:

Badminton Serving Location Basic Badminton Court If the score is even, the birdie is served from the right service box. If the score is odd, the birdie is served from the left service box.

Badminton Serve Grip:

Badminton Serve Grip Shake hands with racket. Curl last three fingers around skinny part of racket. Form a “V” with index finger and thumb

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Types of Serves

Badminton High Serving Technique:

Badminton High Serving Technique High and Low Serves Side to target Hit birdie low Shift your weight Follow through

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Let’s see that again…

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Here’s a video of the Low serve . While the High serve attempts to force the opponent back, the Low serve prevents the opponent from going too far back. Badminton Low Serving Technique Low Serve Remember: Keep your side to target Hit the birdie lightly Transfer your weight Hit the birdie below the waist (It must be hit under the waist to avoid a penalty.)

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Let’s see that again… Low Serve

Thanks for watching!:

Thanks for watching! Keep your eye on the birdie…

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