Simple Procedures to Remove the Rust from the Car

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Rust can cause severe damage to the body of your car. So, when you find signs of rust, get it removed as soon as possible. There are many options other than simply sanding the rust. You should follow the right procedure to keep your car free of rust. To know the simple procedures to remove rust from your car, see this slideshow.


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Simple Procedures to Remove the Rust from the Car


The rusts are the corrosive and unsightly problems in the car due to the electro-mechanical reaction between the iron and oxygen and can lead to rust .


If you leave the rust untreated, it can ruin the metal surface of your car. So, you need to eliminate the oxidized metal as much as you can.


So, it’s always advisable to t reat the metal surface of your car to inhibit the further growth of the rust.


Sanding isn't only an effective way to remove the dust, so use alternative methods for remove the rust effectively.


L ook at the below-defined steps to remove the rust from your car easily and effectively.


Wash the rust place


Before removing the rust from your car, first, you have to wash the area for identifying the affected rusted area carefully.


Make sure that after washing it, there is no additional dirt, grease or grit attached with the rust to prevent the further damage to your car.


Mask off the rust place


By putting the mask at the few feet away from the rust repair area help you to prevent the debris getting into the existing paint .


You can also use a tap sealed mask under the car to indicate the rusted area and protect its floor.


Rub the rust place


You can rub the rusted area with sandpaper for remove the paint and make sure that you only push it with your index finger.


You can use sand sponge and block at the rusted spots down to bare metal as well as corners to remove the rust.


Coat the rust place


If you leave the rust material, the n it will rust again. S o , coat it with a primer because the primer provides a strong bond to the bare metal.


Ensure that you will apply three coats of primer and wait for a few minutes to dry it. Don't apply the primer over it , otherwise, the coat will run .


Spray on the rust place


After applying the primer from left-to-right rows of the rust, then spray a color coat over the primer.


Apply several coats of the color coat by allowing the recommendation of 10-15 minutes between the coat.


Polish the rusted place


To match the rusted area with the other part of your car, apply the color coat of paint similar to your car and allow it to dry for 24 to 48 hours.


Never wax the car for 30 days after painting because the process can follow for waxing your car by pull ing the fresh paint from that damaged area.


Don't leave the rusted part of your car because in some instance it may lead to any serious damages.


If you found any serious damages in your car due to rust, then don't handle it by own, take it immediately to your mechanic.


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