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STOCK INVESTING COURSE The Only Course You’ll Ever Need to Beat the Market

Stock Investing Lesson 1:

Stock Investing Lesson 1 Introductions Photo by Alan Cleaver Disclaimer: This info is for educational purposes only. The creator, Beat The Market Analyzer and or representatives cannot be held responsible for any gain or loss caused by investing.

Purpose of This Course:

Purpose of This Course Teach you how to invest in stocks 100% Online Quick & Easy Tutorial Style

Who am I?:

Who am I? Grant Gigliotti from Pittsburgh, PA, USA Husband & Father Assistant Professor Stock Investor

Why Learn From Me?:

Why Learn From Me? I‘m not a licensed financial advisor. I’m not very smart. I only know the basics… and look what is possible: Cumulative return of 120% in 2013 Same system I’ll show you has beaten the S&P 500 over 85% of the time from 2000–2013 You’ll Save Time. You’ll Save Money. You’ll Make Money!

How will this course work?:

How will this course work? One-week course. One lesson emailed each day. You will sometimes have quizzes or discussions . To test your knowledge & to help you remember To win a prize ( A Professional Stock Analyzer worth over $800!)

Basic Class Guidelines:

Basic Class Guidelines Be kind and respectful. Try to support and help each other. Complete each lesson and goal in order. Learn & have fun!

GOAL for Lesson 1:

GOAL for Lesson 1 Meet Your Teacher Meet Your Classmates Visit the Lesson 1 Goal Link below to post your introduction and to read about your classmates.

Would you like to Join our Class?:

Would you like to Join our Class? Sign up here for FREE! www.BeatTheMarket InvestingClass

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