Lemon Law Advice for Transmission Faults with the 2017 GMC Yukon

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If you are looking for expert consumer advice in relation to your2017 Yukon transmitter California Lemon Law Center has successfully brought claims to dealers throughout the state.


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California Lemon Law Center californialemonlawcenter.com You May Want To Visit - https://californialemonlawcenter.com/lemon-law-advice-for- transmission-faults-with-the-2017-gmc-yukon/ Lemon Law Advice for Transmission Faults with the 2017 GMC Yukon The 2017 GMC Yukon is a full-size truck that is ideal for large families or those who transport a lot of equipment. The car is a popular choice due to how easy it is to maneuver compared to other large vehicles. While this car does have many positives some customers have been left disappointed. If you have bought a car from a dealer and are experiencing continued issues then you do not have to put up with a car that does not fully work. If you have a continuous faults with your 2017 GMC Yukon then California Lemon Law Center can help you get compensation. Details of Complaints with the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox Complaints logged with the 2017 GMC Yukon are faults with the transmission jerking and jolting causing ‘h ard shi fts’ and the navigation system freezing up.

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Transmission Jolts When Down Shifting and Going to 2 nd Gear Despite General Motors working to fix the automator on the GMC Yukon drivers are still experiencing problems with the transmission. The shaking and jolting usually occurs when down shifting or going into 2nd gear. investigations have found that torque converters could also be exasperating this complaint but so far there is no permanent fix on the table. Hard Shifts Drivers of the 2017 Yukon have reported difficulty driving when accelerating and decelerating. The Yukon is fitted with GM 8L45 or 8L90 automatic transmissions and indicates that there is an underlying problem with the engine which is frustrating for the numerous customers who have invested in this car. ‘H ard Sh ifts’ have also been reported when shifting between gears as we have seen from the transmission issue detailed above. Navigation and Radio Freeze Up If a frozen screen is a common occurrence in your Yukon then you are not alone in your frustration. Many Yukon drivers have reported issues with both the radio and the navigation freezing and blinking on and off when driving. There appears to be no response when buttons are pressed and sometimes the engine needs to be shut off for at least 10 minutes which can be extremely frustrating. The issue lies in the computer system but General Motors is failing to deal with what they see as an intermittent issue. The issue with transmission jolts shaking and hard shifts have also been reported by customers driving the 2015 and 2016 model of the GMC Yukon. NHTSA Vehicle Safety Recall The NHTSA has issued 2 recalls for the 2017 GMC Yukon which includes: • The vacuum pump may decrease power brake assist • Frontal airbags may not deploy Expert Legal Advice from California Lemon Law Center California Lemon Law Center is made up of an expert team of legal professionals who have your best interests at heart. If you have a complaint about your GMC Yukon and need guidance advice and support we can help you in all aspects of the lemon law. Start Your Free Case Review Now It Only Takes A Few Minutes To Get Started Yes I Want A Case Review

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