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Romancing the Apocalypse - Finale


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Romancing the Apocalypse Epilogue – Keeping Up with the Joness Welcome back to the finale of Romancing the Apocalypse It has been a long time coming. Too long. As in four lonnnng years since my last Romancing update and playing this hood. The sad thing is now that I’m fully engrossed in my Build a City Challenge I have not been able to find the motivation or will to play this hood that I put my heart and soul into from 2007-2011 any further and I simply do not foresee it ever happening. Instead I will recap where everyone left off and show you how far I did get with them some general picspam and of course the official completion of the challenge. Perhaps some of these Sims will migrate to Mesa Vista like the Outsides have. Btw I’m open to any requests in that regard. Note: I installed and played this Apocalypse through the Bon Voyage expansion only so none of the new Borg rules apply.

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Kai Jones the sixth-generation heir grew up obviously.

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And was crushed when in my zeal to finish the challenge didn’t send him to University.

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It was nothing a little hot tub party with RoseFyre A Buffyverse Apocalypse couldn’t cure though the glitches on the lot continued.

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“It’s like there’s a pall of doom on this lot. I think I’m outta here.”

slide 6:

That bird was determined to stick to her hand like glue

slide 7:

Speaking of glitches I had blamed the lamp impaling glitch of little Lassie here to the snake Ratna Miguel who had done himself in with a giant pair of scissors after lifting Culinary. Apparently Lassie shared the sentiment.

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Lassie left and Laddie right grew up but did Lassie grow out of her glitch you may be asking

slide 9:

Nope still there.

slide 10:

Jenny who lifted Politics decided to move out with her dogs to see if that would cure Lassie of her plight.

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Jenny’s beau Craig moved out of the house across the street so they could start their life together in their own house.

slide 12:

This one one of the Maxis prebuilts from somewhere I can’t remember. Don’t think it was in the bin I think maybe it’s in Pleasantview…

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But did the move cure Lassie

slide 14:

Why yes it did. “Roorah”

slide 15:

Still Lassie and her glitch will always be remembered at the main house…

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Jenny and Craig had a lovely wedding at their new home shown here with Angela Tha’ Simple Life. It’s nice revisiting some of these old simselves.

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Okay moving on…

slide 18:

WillowDanin Armageddon Apocalypse – yes I’ve sat in a park and eaten cereal many times why do you ask :D

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Meanwhile Kai was working on lifting the final career in this Apocalypse Journalism.

slide 20:

Rhea lifted Criminal with her Bender yet another ridiculously socially-needy Servo…

slide 21:

Rhea wanted “STILL WANTS” to own 5 Top-Level Businesses bought one of the prebuilt HM stores for her fourth business. “Do you feel my pain Juno Just two businesses left and she’s had tons of practice now how lame is that” “Hey I only have seven of fifty Dream Dates with Lucy left to get.” “See Lame” “Come on Lorin pretty please” Ugh Sorry guys still can’t be bothered…

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Yep Juno sorry a lot of us have left the building. LucyPepper The Obsession Legacy – alphabet legacy finished Their Continuing Mission apocalypse Sigh

slide 23:

Leaving the building in droves Darby A Pleasant View apocalypse.

slide 24:

The store was getting pretty interesting too.

slide 25:

The Countess Vanessa was up to her old tricks and turned Ciel Outside into a vampire.

slide 26:

“Bleh” Itshay EXITS LOT

slide 27:

“Aww honey you’re cute as a vampire and I can certainly handle one more.” “Nemo No.”

slide 28:

“My wife is a no-go on the vampire gig.”

slide 29:

slide 30:

Another nonexistent crisis averted…

slide 31:

Anyway the store got up to Rank 5 so technically only 1.5 businesses to go. “EVEN MORE LAME” I know I know…

slide 32:

And proof of the many many Dream Dates Juno had with Lucy. “Forty-three. Pretty please” Sorry 

slide 33:

I had hopes that Kai and Esmeiolanthe Ruth’s unOWBCAll Ready In Progress etc. would make a good match but despite two bolts there wasn’t much of a spark between them. Sorry Esme I tried

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So for now Kai would have to be happy with becoming a Mediate Magnate. That’s it the Apocalypse is officially over “Yay.” Kai’s expression pretty much exemplifies how I feel about the lackluster way I ended it here but I’m also confident nobody cares about that nearly as much as me. To be honest I’m more than satisfied with how I ended the actual story story in the last update. For me that’s when I felt I really finished it. Now for the record and the medal it’s officially finished. To all of you who took the time to read and comment on this Apocalypse over the years a heartfelt thank you It was at times consuming and exhausting but a true joy and a wonderful learning experience. I’m actually on the third generation of a full Borg Apocalypse that I may document in a very brief way some day. Happy Simming and in the meantime if you’re so inclined I’ll see you over in Mesa Vista 3

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