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This is a description of the weekend that I won at Shell Island Resort in Wrightsville Beach, NC, in an essay contest. It has some wonderful photos of the area.


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Thanks for sharing this lovely slideshow! I'll be looking forward to more from you.

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Our Weekend at Shell Island ResortWrightsville Beach,North CarolinaSeptember 2009

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If a 48-hour beach vacation can have a “theme,” the theme of this one could be any one of the following: Hope Joy Overcoming adversity Finding beauty in simple things

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For example, take the vacation itself…Along with many people in the world, we have suffered due to the recession.We’ve counted our pennies, and spending a weekend at the beach was not in the budget. We didn’t know when it ever would be.

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But in the spring of this year (2009), I entered an essay contest sponsored by a group of Wrightsville Beach hotels – and I won! My prize: two nights for two at the Shell Island Resort.In years past, we’d visited Wrightsville Beach, and we remember the resort as the one that looked like erosion would cause it to fall into the ocean or the inlet as shown in this photo…

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But the owners didn’t give up! It didn’t fall into the sea!The inlet was filled with sand! What a project! Shell Island Resort was also recently refurbished.So today -- we can enjoy it. Employees can enjoy having employment. The area can enjoy having the taxes paid by the resort! A GRAND SUCCESS!

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Each unit is privately owned.Our unit had a living room area, dining table, kitchen area, bedroom with two double beds, 1.5 bathrooms, and a balcony.Best of all, it had a great view of the ocean.The bedroom had a view of the sound.

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While we were there, arrangements were being made for a wedding on the beach. An older couple married, and it was her sons (perhaps?) who walked her down the “aisle” (the deck walkway). The young children may have been her grandchildren.It was a beautiful family, and the scene was a joy to watch.Other non-invited guests at the resort were taking photos, too!

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On the recommendation of Triangle* residents on a local online discussion board, we went to the Oceanic Restaurant.We went before 5 pm and were able to order off the lunch menu and saved substantially over the dinner menu.We were VERY pleased! *Triangle = Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, North Carolina area.

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Looking toward the front desk of the Oceanic.

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Up the stairs.

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We had a great view of the pier.

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We noticed many seagulls.We wondered if the umbrellas were for protecting the diners from the sun or protecting them from the seagulls. Hmmm.

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My dear husband had fried seafood. I had broiled seafood...

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The views were great from other windows as well.

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This notice was in the ladies room downstairs. The ladies room had ONE TOILET. One. This notice explains that due to their proximity to the ocean, zoning laws and Federal regulations, they cannot expand inside or outside the restaurant.So no more toilets. But that didn’t stop them from having a beautiful and successful restaurant.

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Returning to the resort, we were reminded that the resort parking garage has the BEST views of any parking garage anywhere. Just like the resort, it has great views of the ocean and the sound.

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We decided to take a walk on the beach, to the north of the resort property – the area that was once under water.

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In the clouds, I found a stern woman, resting, with a flower sticking out of her hat. Can you see her?

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There were thousands of designs in the sand – each one a work of art.

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I loved that this fisherman had a bright yellow bag, a bright blue net, and bright green edging on his shorts. He was a perfect unintential model.

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To the north is Figure Eight island, a private island with 441 very expensive homes and no other commercial development.

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On Sunday morning, we had breakfast at the resort. My husband enjoyed his breakfast buffet, and I enjoyed my omelet…

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In the hallway outside the resort restaurant are a variety of historical photos of Wrightsville Beach…

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The current Oceanic Restaurant borrowed its name from the Oceanic Hotel.

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This photo has glare from the lights on the opposite wall, but it’s an interesting scene -- movies were once presented from the pier to a screen below.

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On the second morning, upon our request for a good breakfast place, the resort desk clerk recommended Jimbo’s on College Road. It’s a classic Greek diner, only BETTER!It was a joy to have breakfast there!

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Look at that sanitation score!

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The restaurant was filled with happy people, young and old. Our breakfasts were $4.75 each, and they arrived within minutes of ordering them. The waitresses kept our coffee cups filled at all times.

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My husband LOVED his gravy and biscuits. (They don’t skimp on the gravy!) And my bacon, eggs, and hash browns hit the spot.

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The very nice owner asked where we were from, and she said a couple drives to the restaurant every week from Raleigh just for breakfast, and then they drive home!

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On the way back to the resort, we ran into traffic detours due to a triathlon in progress. We enjoyed the unexpected pleasure of being routed to places we wouldn’t have otherwise gone…

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This was the final bicyclist, and she had two motorcycle escorts. She didn’t give up.

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When we returned to the resort, we were delighted to see another wedding, this one even smaller – and with a steel drum.The groom was in a military uniform.Perhaps they were having a small wedding before he left for Iraq?(When one is a wedding voyeur, one can only speculate.)

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Later we went to Wings, and when we came out, there was a sweet young man with a scanner standing behind my car. I nicely asked him what he was doing. He said he was giving the car a ticket. I replied, “WHY?”He said the parking meter had expired. PARKING METER? I didn’t recall seeing a parking meter. He gave me a break and didn’t give me a ticket. JOY!  There was a beautiful sunset over the sound that night…

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And a beautiful sunrise over the ocean the next morning -- a fresh new day full of hope…

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And too soon, our mini-vacation was over, and it was time to go home…

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But not before I could find the beauty of berries…

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…in a palm tree.

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But we know in our hearts we will be back again some day -- and it will be soon. The End Copyright 2009 NewsBuzz, Inc.All Rights Reserved

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