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Homeopathic Medicine For Acne http://www.lordshomoeopathic.com


DESCRIPTION Buy Lord's authentic, trusted and safe homoeopathic medicines and cosmetics in India. Homeopathy in Delhi gives a Widest variety of homeopathic products available at best prices in Delhi. http://www.lordshomoeopathic.com/

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CLEANO FACEWASH Quick Overview Cleano facewash is a deep cleansing anti acne face wash which promotes an unblemished face . Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin - E Rosemary extract Berberis and Tea Tree Oil provide complete care against acne . Source : http://www.lordshomoeopathic.com/cosmetics/skin-care/cleano-facewash.html SIZE: 50 ML


ALOVEE CREAM SIZE: 50 GRAMS Quick Overview Alovee Face Cream enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to provide you with perfect hyration for dry skin and antiseptic properties for tackling with acne prone skin. Composition : Urea Aloevera Extract Vitamin-E Glycerin in cream base. Source : http://www.lordshomoeopathic.com/cosmetics/skin-care/alovee-cream.html


BERBERIS SOAP SIZE: 75 GRAMS Quick Overview Anti Acne Cleanser with Berberis extracts for a flawless sparkling skin. Composition : Calendula Extract Berberis Extract Wheat Germ Oil Extract Tea Tree Oil Rosemary Extract Aloevera Extract and Excepients . Source : http://www.lordshomoeopathic.com/cosmetics/skin-care/berberis-soap.html

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CLEAR SKIN SOAP Quick Overview Skin care soap with Tea Tree Oil which cleanses the skin deeply Composition : Chamomile Extract Aloevera Extract Tea Tree Oil Calendula Extract Vitamin-E Lemon Peel Extract & Excepients . SIZE: 75 GRAMS Source : http://www.lordshomoeopathic.com/cosmetics/skin-care/clear-skin-soap.html

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GlOW CARE COMPLEXION CREAM Quick Overview Glow Care Complexion Cream helps in replenishing the skin with the necessary oils after a tiring day and improves complexion of the skin making it more radiant. COMPOSITION : Berb Aqui Q, Hydrastis Q, Ledum Pal Q in a non greasy base SIZE: 25 GRAMS Source : http://www.lordshomoeopathic.com/cosmetics/skin-care/glow-care-complexion-cream.html

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GlOW CARE COMPLEXION CREAM+ DROPS SIZE FOR CREAM: 25 GRAMS SIZE FOR DROPS: 30 CC Quick Overview Glow care twin pack provides two methods of tackling stubborn acne and dryness which the skin experiences. The cream aids in clearing pimples, dark circles and also improves skin texture. The drops are efficacious in fighting acne bloteches and allergic manisfesation from within the body. COMPOSITION : DROPS : Berb Aqui 2x, Kali Brom 3x ,

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Pulasatilla 2x Thuja 4x Sepia 5x Alcohol 7% v/v . Excipients q.s . CREAM : Berb Aqui Q Hydrastis Q Ledum Pal Q In a non greasy base. Source : http://www.lordshomoeopathic.com/cosmetics/skin-care/glow-care-complexion-cream-drops.html

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LORDS L 103 ACNE DROPS Quick Overview Composition: Juglans Regia 30x Natrum Brom 12x Ammon Brom 12x Ledum pal 30x Natrum Chlor (Mur) 200x Kali Brom 12x Brominum 12x Viola Tricolor 12x Hepar Sulp Source : http://www.lordshomoeopathic.com/lords-l-103-acne-drops.html

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REACH US AT http://www.lordshomoeopathic.com/ Address : LORD'S HOMOEOPATHIC LABORATORY (P) LTD. C-106/5, Naraina Industrial Area Phase-1, New Delhi-110028. Phone: +91 11 43124040,43124042-69 Email ID : lords_homeo@yahoo.com

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