The burden of teaching Magic, sorcery and magic spells

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The burden of teaching Magic sorcery and magic spells This is an outstanding time for the Earth and Nature based beliefs. Whether you call yourself a Voodooist Pagan Witch Shaman or Neo-pagan in the context of magic spells were seeing a more acute going back and flowing closer to those ideals than at some other time in history. Please refer to: Hundreds of human beings old and young pass this threshold searching for answers searching for the reality and fellowship with others that share the same path. Without exception those human beings are listening to the voices of our ancestors and they are taking note of the voice echoing in their soul. For the ones who’ve travelled this path for a time this is the start of a brand new generation and one which calls for a change in our concept strategies. With the dawn of this new era we should shed our apprehensions and embrace this as the new “normal” in order to move ahead and embrace those simply turning into the enlightened to the voices of our ancestors. These days it is just as puzzling to the new seekers of this reality to find reliable data. They nevertheless war with the equal emotional conflicts as we did yet there are numerous hundred of books to choose from and comparatively few folks willing to step far away enough from the shadows to offer advice and steering new pupils in making the right selections. If we ever wish to obtain expertise and popularity within our ideals to build unity inside our scattered groups we must shoulder the duty of making sure that this future we seek will become a fact. We definitely cant sit down idle and hope individuals who look for these teachings with will understand the actual that means of our methods without adequate steerage. As with all ceremonies or rituals we know from past experience that the realization of our motive and will is absolutely based upon the energy we pour into that operation. We need to then take into account that that making sure is a fantastic destiny and as such falls on those who practice to mentor and offer any kind of guiding light to those who seek it. To push back one who requests and is deemed worthy of the path is to risk the future of this craft it falls upon the shoulders of the Elders of the Voodoo Pagan and Witchcraft network to educate the traditions values morals and ethics of the antique approaches. if by chance you stumble upon one whos new to these methods include them with love and make sure that they can find someone if not you yourself to guide them. These people should

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not be ignored as they are sometimes lost and are in fact only looking for someone to direct them or to stretch a hand so one that follows the old ways should then reach out and take that hand if even if momentarily to reply a query or provide reassurance. Permit the love of the spirit world to fill you and give another some steps in the right way so they can walk far away from the shadows.

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