Taking a tour of Warner Brother's Studio in London

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Taking a tour of Warner Brother's Studio in London :

Taking a tour of Warner Brother's Studio in London Harry Potter fans have another way to enjoy the adventures of the boy who lived as Warner Brothers recently opened a studio tour to offer a behind the scenes look to fans, the Making of Harry Potter behind the Scenes Tour at Warner Brothers Studio. Fans who have read the books a dozen times, seen the film over a hundred times over and even been to Florida to experience the rides there can visit the Leavesden Studio, just twenty miles outside of London. Fans would surely enjoy seeing and reliving the boy wizard’s adventure as if they were their own. Included in the studio are the intricate details that happen behind the scenes of the eight part movie series. Visitors would have a chance to see and experience what the movie camera fails to let them see. They would be able to see the incredible costumes, amazing visual effects and props. Featured within the tour are some of the famous places within the movie Like Diagon Alley that even has Olivander’s Wand Shop, the Gryffindor common room, the boys’ dormitory complete with the boys’ bedroom with Harry’s , Ron Weasley’s , Neville Longbottom’s , and Seamus Finnigan’s bed (which the actors all outgrew by the final movie), Dumbledore’s office that has the Sword

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of Gryffindor, the Sorting Hat, the Pensive memory basin and portraits of other Hogwarts headmaster. It has many other places featured from the movies which muggles and mudbloods would surely be enthusiastic about. The Making of Harry Potter Studio tour is a self guided studio. It is not a theme park, so it would be best not to expect rides. It is, however, best advised to book and buy tickets in advance, as the studio tour allows a limited number of guests at a time. You may buy your tickets from the studio’s website. The studio is located less than three miles from Junction 6 of M1 and less than three miles from Junction 20 of the M25. There are signposts in these exits that would tell you that you are near. If you plan on taking the train, nearest railway station is the Watford Junction. The Warner Brothers studio tour is also planning on opening other behind the scenes tour of their famous movie series such as the Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight and Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. Right now, Warner Brothers only focus and concern is the Harry Potter series. Those who have loved the books and enjoyed the films would surely take pleasure in a self guided oure of these behind the scenes studio.

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