Carbon Cycle


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Carbon Cycle:

Krittapas Siwilai M. 3/1 No. 1 Khomkrit Petsuwan M. 3/1 No. 2 Monton Cluatong M. 3/1 No. 7 Manuchanok Sritanon M. 3/1 No. 20 Carbon Cycle CO 2 Studio CO 2 Studio Present


Contents 1 What is Carbon Cycle ? 2 Explain about Carbon Cycle 3 Why Carbon Cycle is important ? 4 Carbon cycle diagram

What is Carbon Cycle:

The carbon cycle is the biogeochemical cycle by which carbon is exchanged among the biosphere, pedosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere of the Earth. What is Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle:

Carbon Cycle All living organism need carbon to make carbohydrate, fat and protein molecule. Plant take in carbon in the form of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. Plant convert the carbon into sugar as food. Animal consume plant and take in the carbon as food. When animal and plant die, decomposers take in the carbon as food. All living organism including decomposers breathe out carbon as carbon dioxide into the air. Combustion of fossil fuel releases mush carbon dioxide.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Carbon Cycle Carbon dioxide In the air Fossil fuel Decomposers Animals Plants Death Eaten by Death Respiration Respiration Photosynthesis Respiration Combustion

Important of Carbon Cycle:

Organisms need CARBON in order to make their bodies, CARBON is the main component of sucrose , proteins and lipids, so plants use CARBON to make their food and other organisms eat plants, therefor CARBON gets locked up in their tissues. CARBON needs to get back into the CYCLE to complete it, and that's why CARBON CYCLE is so important. without it, plants would eventually use up all the CARBON dound in the nature and when eaten by animals, the carbon would stay in their bodies and in the soil forever, which is NOT good. Important of Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle Diagram:

Carbon Cycle Diagram

PowerPoint Presentation:

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