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Alternative Selfie:

Alternative Selfie By Marissa Cumming, Ariane Larose, & Katherine Warriner


Context Grade Level: Secondary Cycle 1, grades 7 and 8 Subject Areas: Visual Arts & English Language Arts

Core Learning Objectives:

Core Learning Objectives For students to learn how to critically consider the digital identities they create for themselves via the Web For students to consider both their internal identity and the identity they present to others For students to spread their awareness of the impact of online images to their classmates and the larger school community

PowerPoint Presentation:

Visual Arts For students to use diverse mediums to produce images that express who they are For students to learn how to create an impact with their art, asking to consider how to engage an audience English Language Arts For students to consider the narratives that photographs present For students to question how the photos they select to represent themselves and contribute to a larger cultural narrative of superficiality and individualism

Core Learning Activities:

Core Learning Activities Activity 1: Step 1: Students will be asked to bring in their current profile picture or, alternatively, a recent picture, as well as a written explanation of that picture

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Step 2: The teacher will display his or her own Facebook profile picture to the class

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Step 3: Students will be paired up and asked to exchange their own photos and explanations Step 4: Everyone will come back together for a full class discussion, where they will remark on what surprised them about what their partners said and why, ultimately reflecting on how photos can be interpreted entirely differently by each person Assessment Students will be assessed based on the depth of their written reflection and their level of engagement in the pair and class discussion

PowerPoint Presentation:

Culminating Task Part 1: Collage Students will be asked to create a new “ alternative profile picture ” , which does not include their face Students will be asked to consider the following question with their project: what message/facet of ourselves do we want to represent? Students will be given 2 options: to make a physical collage or a multimedia collage using Photoshop

PowerPoint Presentation:

Part 2: Artist ’ s Statement Students will be asked to write a one-page Artist ’ s Statement describing their process for making the collage and what they think the collage says about them A picture of each collage and each student ’ s statement will be posted to a class blog, to create an art exhibition where they comment on classmates ’ work and community members will contribute comments as well.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Assessment The art piece will be evaluated based on: The coherence of the visual elements that the student chooses to integrate The student ’ s ability to make metaphorical, rather than simply literal representations The student ’ s ability to make links between their artwork and the earlier reflections and class discussions that were had about technology and its relation to self-image

PowerPoint Presentation:

The Artist ’ s Statement will be evaluated based on: The student ’ s ability to provide a clear explanation of their creative decision, process, and vision The student ’ s ability to explain the link they made between technology and self-image will be evaluated The pertinence of their blog comments, specifically assessing if they are adding meaningful contributions to the conversation

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Use of Technology:

Use of Technology Creation of an online exhibition Show case students ’ artwork Empower and motivate students Connect with other classrooms and members of the community Permit exchange of thoughts and constructive feedback between the audience and student-artist Adds value and highlights art programs Image-editing software (ex. Photoshop) Contemporary art mediums Variety of choice for means of expression

Additional Exhibit Options:

Additional Exhibit Options Zhibit Art Steps Google Open Gallery Tumblr Flickr

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