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Game Rules: 

Game Rules M u l t i – Q R u l e s ( Points are collected as a team; however, each player must answer his/her question without help from teammates. MORE RULES  Square boxes are displayed

Why use Flash & Shockwave?: 

Why use Flash & Shockwave? Vector-based animation: looks good at any size much smaller files than gifs powerpoint loops all animated gifs very precise controls, including buttons, starts & stops gif files aliased to specific background color--easy to change in flash


vision Delight the Customer. vision values measures tools concepts principles VISION is not Displayed as


Lawyers Will future anthropologists need to pass the bar just to decipher our culture?

Small Company: 

Small Company The nice thing about working in a small company is that when I don’t know what I’m doing, at least my co-workers and clients do.

Bullets as Square: 

Bullets as Square Will future anthropologists need to pass the bar just to decipher our culture? My final exit will be my greatest entrance Will future anthropologists need to pass the bar just to decipher our culture?

Entrance & Exits: 

Entrance & Exits My final exit will be my greatest entrance.


Aim When my aim got better, I ran out of ammo.

Press Conferences: 

Press Conferences If you talk too much, you’ll say too much.

Speed of Light: 

Speed of Light Einstein said that nothing was faster than the speed of light, but he’s wrong. My imagination is much faster than the speed of light. For example, I just imagined traveling to Pluto and back. If I took a space ship that could travel at the speed of light, that would take centuries.

Joshua Project 2000 Goal Accomplished Through:: 

Joshua Project 2000 Goal Accomplished Through: Animation


Das ist ein Bungalow. Der Bungalow ist sehr klein. Umzug!

Custom Animation: 

Custom Animation PowerPoint has the ability to animate entrance and exit of text and pictures. To see the step by step instructions on creating a custom animation Highlight the item you would like to animate ( ie. A text box or a picture), click on the textbox to continue… 2. Click on Slide Show from menu bar, and choose Custom Animation… Click on the screenshot to continue 3. Select Add Effect and choose Entrance, Exit, Emphasis or Motion Path… Entrance – Animate the entrance of the object Exit – Animate the exit of the object Emphasis – Emphasize the object by animation after entrance Motion Path – Control the direction of motion of the object animation. Click this text to continue… 4. After choosing a desired effect, you have the option to modify that effect… Start – Adjust the starting time of the effect… Speed – Adjust the speed of animation. It is also possible to add sound and triggers to your animation with Animation options… Click this text to continue…


You are the fruity-fragrance type You radiate independence and happiness, always immersed in fun-seeking activities, like an innocent child. You always manage to bring life into the party, thus you are indispensible to parties. Although you are cheerful, well-liked by most, others think that it is difficult to be good friends with you, because the impression that you give is one of a comedian. Some thinks that you like to make a fool of others and are dependent on others, so they are reluctant to be close to you. But, you are actually mature and firm. There are few that truly understands you, leaving you with few bosom buddies. Return For more smiles everyday… subscribe to Mayurs magicworld (magicworld@gmail.com )

Models of Software: 

Models of Software

Model Evolution: Adding Detail: 

Model Evolution: Adding Detail Detail can be added continuously until the specification is complete

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