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Phone: +91-9899977006 Email: Web: Phone: +91-9899977006 | Phone: +91-9871204940 | Email: | Web: Your business is all set and ready but are you prepared with your logo Creating a brand logo is a very professional task because the type of logo associated with your brand is essential. A logo acts as the face of your company and hence it should represent your brand correctly. An effective logo design will develop a positive association between your organization and target audience in the form of a visual clue. The logo defines the brand story and people love exciting stories in any form that they can find it. So if you can merge your brand story inside your logo then you will successfully capture the attention of target audience. The logo communicates with people what your brand is about subtly. Now confused Which type of logo will get the job done productively Type of organization will decide the font layout images emotions and colour palette of a logo. Let’s understand 9 types of the logo Design in detail below and find which logo type work best for your brand:- Table of Contents • 1.MONOGRAM MARK • 2.LETTER MARK • 3.WORD MARK • 4.PICTORIAL MARKS LOGO SYMBOLS • 5.ABSTRACT LOGO MARKS • 6.MASCOTS • 7.COMBINATIONS MARK • 8.EMBLEM MARK • 9.DYNAMIC MARK • CONCLUSION

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Phone: +91-9899977006 Email: Web: Phone: +91-9899977006 | Phone: +91-9871204940 | Email: | Web: 1.MONOGRAM MARK In the 21st century we are addicted to abbreviations such as OMG TTYL and LOL. So people tend to remember short forms of lengthy sentences same way even a brand can design its logo in abbreviation form.  Logo consists of only letters and mostly brand initials.  Initials turn your lengthy business name into an identifiable brand identity.  If your organization is small or medium then below initials company name should mention as this will help to create brand awareness.  Colour and Font style plays an essential role here type of colour should represent organizations values and their emotions.  Appeal lies in its details. Examples –NASA IBM 2.LETTER MARK It is typography and font based logo having an only single letter.  Letterform is easily scalable and hence can be used anywhere effectively easy for remembrance developing fast brand awareness is developed.  Designing is a very crucial part because if it’s not exciting or catchy then people tend to forget.  Dramatic backdrop funky font and relevant colour pattern is an essential part while designing.  Add creativity which will make letter pop out of the page and associate while it should be readable. Example – Yahoo Mc Donald 3.WORD MARK As the name represents this type of logo will consist of text only – company name monogram or letter marks no guessing work here as by logo its quite clear nature of the company and its business type.

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Phone: +91-9899977006 Email: Web: Phone: +91-9899977006 | Phone: +91-9871204940 | Email: | Web:  Logotypes focus on business name alone think VISA or Goggle these logos are very catchy and are memorable. When combined with strong typography they create great brand recognition  Type of business emotions will indicate through font styles. Such as if it is a fashion brand then designing of the font will focus on being clean elegant and high end. If it’s for legal services then the font will stick to the traditional more substantial pattern which generates the feeling of security.  Wordmark is the best choice if the brand is newly established and want to generate brand awareness in the market. The name should be short enough to take advantage of the design.  Your business name in a font format needs productive creativity to capture the nuance of your brand. Hence this requires hiring a professional creative agency that will have an eye on detail designing. Examples – VISA and GOOGLE 4.PICTORIAL MARKS LOGO SYMBOLS It is a form of graphic symbol icon which is representing a real-world object such as Apple Twitter  Type of image will depict the brand story  Established organizations should opt for this type of logo because their logo acts as the hallmark of companies. That could be considered iconic and are first to establish enough to be recognized. Or else your logo may not communicate enough about your brand to your audience and they’ll lose interest in your brand.  Simplicity is vital here so that image can efficiently deliver quick and relevant information.  If the brand is planning future expansion into diverse categories this might also act as a threat. Your logo may misrepresent the nature of work and your brand identity.  Logo should represent in broader aspect yet should be clean-cut and memorable. EXAMPLE – APPLE TWITTER 5.ABSTRACT LOGO MARKS These are based on conceptualization and are motivated to think about the big picture in terms of logo designing. Like striking logo even abstract logo is presented symbolically but here logo is customized and tailored as per brand need. This type of image not necessarily relate to an existing real-world object.

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Phone: +91-9899977006 Email: Web: Phone: +91-9899977006 | Phone: +91-9871204940 | Email: | Web: Design is unique which is designed to express something particular about your brand.  Here brand has liberty and wiggle room to say whatever it wants to communicate.  Attention to minute details is a crucial task with abstract logo marks. As you don’t want a company message to get misconstructed with a logo designing that is too vague or hard to understand.  Excessive detailing in design may not look the way you want when printed in different resolutions. Hence expert logo designer should have opted who have a sharp eye in terms of logo making with a brand story in it. Examples- Pepsi Microsoft 6.MASCOTS Mascots are images of person or cartoon character is a very appealing manner which is a visual representation of your brand. Designing of a mascot is in illustrated format.  Logo should be colourful and filled with a fun element.  Illustrated character acts as brand spokesperson and ambassador which implies into various advertisement activities  Mascots are family and kids friendly that render warm-and-fuzzy feeling which will create a distinctly memorable brand. Also nothing appeals to kids more than a real tangible character that they can relate to.  It encourages customer interaction through social media marketing as well as real-world marketing events.  Only mascot as the logo can be challenging to take such detailed illustrated images on stationary identities such as business cards. It should be one part of the logo combined with some text so that it creates clarity. Example –KFC Parle 7.COMBINATIONS MARK As the name suggests it is a logo with a combination of wordmark or lettermark or pictorial or abstract or mascot. Text and image form are famously used logo by many brands as it can be laid out side by side or integrated to create an image.

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Phone: +91-9899977006 Email: Web: Phone: +91-9899977006 | Phone: +91-9871204940 | Email: | Web:  It is easy for people to connect with a brand due to text along with image representation  These logos are more accessible to the trademark compared to pictorial mark alone.  With both symbol and text logo it is convenient to craft clear brand messages through various elements.  Combination marks encourage flexibility in rebranding. As in the long run if you modify text then to people will recall brand with an image which is sustaining in the mind of the target group. Example – Toblerone taco bell 8.EMBLEM MARK An emblem logo consists of text inside symbol or icon and emblems have stood the test of time from family crests to the royal stamps of a powerful monarch.  Emblems are having traditional vibe and appearance and hence are choice for many schools organizations and government agencies.  In the 21st century brands have modernized the traditional look making emblem more stylish and classic such as Starbucks iconic mermaid or Harley-Davidson’s famous crest.  Emblem designing should be uncomplicated or else intricate designing might lead issues when you plan to shift design on clothing or other branding elements.  Such logo’s don’t afford you the same flexibility as standard combination marks do. To be entirely sure about your design before sending your logo into the outside world. Examples –Harvard Superman 9.DYNAMIC MARK There is a logo which can change according to the type of business or internet mediums. Might be colour font style or structure of logo will adapt itself to the context in which it uses.  New age era logo style which is flexible  Dynamic logo keeps things interesting and generates curiosity among the audience who is sitting at the edge of their digital seats to see what is coming up next.  Associative power is connecting to such logo which will connect to the audience based on colours or others may remember the shape of the icon.  Here you have the liberty to showcase creativity on various mobile sites blogs digital media and multiple ad’s. Example: FedEx Nickelodeon.

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Phone: +91-9899977006 Email: Web: Phone: +91-9899977006 | Phone: +91-9871204940 | Email: | Web: CONCLUSION The logo is an essential part of your branding hence designing of the logo should not be taken lightly. As it is communicating brand story and awareness. So now you are aware of logotypes based on the business. This will help you to understand in which category your business lies and hence relevant logo is to be adapting. Now it is time to craft your logo If you need any professional help Designer People is always there to extend support and associate with your brand.

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