Learn How to Effectively Install Windows

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All the personal computers have different specifications and to properly install the windows on the computer is not so easy.


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Learn How to Effectively Install Windows All the personal computers have different specifications and to properly install the windows on the computer is not so easy. You need to make sure that you learn all the basics to effectively install the windows. Windows operating system works on a very complex architecture and a person who wants to pursue a career in the information technology sector needs to understand the basics of the windows system. There are many certifications offered by Microsoft that can help you to learn the windows operating system fundamentals. One such exam is exam 98-349. The developers have made the installation process of new windows fairly easy as compared to the previous versions. However no one can just start installing windows on their own. You need to have a proper plan when starting the process of installing the windows. There are certain steps that need to be met for the process to be completed effectively. These processes are comparing different windows editions checking the system requirements checking application compatibility and understating the installation types. In this article you will understand the importance of these steps in windows installation and you will also get the information of how these steps helps in knowing the windows operating system fundamentals.

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Comparing Windows Editions Windows comes in different set known as the editions. All the window bundles have same basic functions but as the level of edition increase it becomes more complex and more features are involved. There are five basic window editions in Windows 7 and these are Starter edition home basic edition home premium edition professional edition and enterprise edition. Checking System Requirements

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System requirement plays an important part in installing the windows. This will help you to determine whether the system is capable of running Windows 7 or not. For the basic and home edition windows a system should have a minimum of 512 MB of Ram and 1 GHz processor. The space required by the windows varies as the basic version need only 16 GB of free space while home basic needs 20 GB of hard disk space. When you are installing the enterprise and professional edition you will need minimum 1 GB of ram and larger free space. Understanding Application Compatibility The most widely recognized issue that happens subsequent to introducing another adaptation of an OS is application disappointments. An essential assignment for the establishment professional is the trying of utilizations for similarity with the new OS. The uplifting news is that Microsoft gives a few devices to help you in this procedure. These instruments are packaged together in a download called the Application Compatibility Toolkit ACT. After reading this chapter and preparing for the windows operating system fundamentals test you cannot easily install windows on any system. Installation process is complex and if it is not conducted properly you will face problems in the interface afterwards. Some problems that you can face are that the applications will not perform correctly and the system will be slow. So by choosing the right bundle of windows and by completing the step by step process you can install the windows correctly.

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