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Digital Storytelling:

Digital Storytelling Trends/Issues in Technology

What are Digital Stories?:

What are Digital S tories? Stories that are told through the use of digital tools Focus on a specific topic or point of view Vary in length (most often 2-10 minutes) Can be used for any topic (history, personal narrative, math, retelling a story, etc.)

Contain a mixture of::

Contain a mixture of: Computer-based images Text Recorded audio narration Video clips Music

7 Elements of Story Telling:

7 Elements of Story Telling Find your story. (what will get your point across best) Map your story. (how do you want to tell it) Capture your audience’s attention right away, and keep it. (ex. Dramatic question) Tell your story from your unique point of view. (don’t overload with information, just say important parts) Use fresh and vivid language (be clear and specific) Integrate emotion – yours and the audience’s. (create a tone and keep with it) Use your own voice, in the script and in the audio. (be sure to pace yourself)

How Can I Use Digital Stories in my Classroom?:

How Can I Use Digital Stories in my Classroom? Teacher Created Uses Pre-teaching vocabulary Building background knowledge Reviewing newly learned concepts Assessing student learning Assessing student technological skill development Retelling a story for ESL learner Student Created Uses Demonstrating learned content Retelling information Sharing student work Executing technological skills Creating original products

Benefits of Digital Storytelling:

Benefits of Digital Storytelling Encourages research Fosters critical thinking skills Encourages students to write and to work at becoming better writers Gives students a voice Tells a personal narrative Helps students retain knowledge longer Enhances learning by encouraging students to communicate effectively Helps students make a connection Encourages creativity Works well with portfolio assessment Promotes digital literacy


Example Long Vowel Sounds by Ms. Inabinet’s First Grade Class


Example Don’t Laugh at Me by Hope C.

Helpful Sites:

Helpful Sites Little Bird Tales – Allows pictures to be loaded along with words and audio; user friendly; available on the app store Microsoft Word | Learning Guides – Great guides available for teachers along with rubrics and templates Digital Storytelling with the iPad – Apps for storytelling (all-in-one, storyboarding/layout, scripting/writing, images, and audio) Discovery Education – Provides a description, rubrics and storyboards, examples, and tools and resources Voice Thread – Add images, video, and audio to build a story Voice Thread For Education Wiki – Support of teachers on how to use voice thread; separated by grades

Lesson Plans:

Lesson Plans Digital Wish – A long list of lesson plans from grade K-12 using digital storytelling Unit Plan – A week long unit plan using digital storytelling by having students create a story Scholastic – A lesson plan of sharing culture through digital storytelling Digital Storytelling Worksheet – A Microsoft Word document that is a prepared worksheet for students to write out the different parts that need to be in a digital storytelling


References Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling Includes: Examples, Software, Essentials, Create, Evaluate, Web 2.0 & Links Microsoft in Education | Teaching Guides Digital storytelling in the classroom Includes: Rubrics, templates, and guides Example Digital Storytelling Scott County Student Digital Stories

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