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Wh- Questions:

Wh - Questions Lillian Cole, M.S, CCC-SLP (click here)

The 5 main question words :

The 5 main question words There are more question words in English (see later slides), but the 5 most important ones are: What Who Where When Why Perhaps there is no “ Why ” in this picture because it is the most abstract…?

Who, What, and Where?:

Who, What, and Where? The first three wh - question words that kids learn are also the most concrete. Kids learn these first because their language and cognitive development progresses. Who = person What = thing, idea Where = place

When and Why?:

When and Why? The more abstract question words tend to be learned later, and these words are more difficult for kids with language and cognitive impairments such as autism. When = time Why = reason

Which? How?:

Which? How? There are additional important question words besides the main 5. Which Sometimes “what” is substituted, especially informally Common use: Which one? How Though it starts with “h”, it is often included in the Wh - question family. Take this self-study quiz now: http://a4esl.org/q/h/9704/dg-wh.html

Video: Example Questions:

Video: Example Questions Watch this video to see the wh - words used in context.

Video: Further Explanation:

Video: Further Explanation Watch this video for more information en español .

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