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Management of Workplace Traffic:

Management of Workplace Traffic Common traffic accident types are:- Vehicles colliding with each other. Vehicles colliding with structures. Vehicles injuring pedestrians. These accidents result in many fatalities every year. Nearly a quarter of all deaths involve vehicles reversing. Most of these accidents happen at low speed and could be prevented by taking some simple safety precautions.

The Health and Safety at Work act 1974:

The Health and Safety at Work act 1974 Requires Employers to assess risks & provide and maintain systems of work which are, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe. The Risk Assessment should involve looking at how people are put at risk and consider how reversing, or manoeuvring, vehicles can be done safely in order to reduce the risk of injury.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992:

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 What type of vehicles need the help of a Banksman whilst reversing? All Drivers that are unfamiliar with the site & site traffic rules are to be assisted by the aid of a Banksman The Act also requires Employers & Employees to take all reasonable & practicable steps to ensure the safety of themselves & their workers and members of the public.

What makes a good Banksman ?:

What makes a good Banksman ? Qualities required:- Common sense Good communication skills Excellent observation skills therefore good eyesight Hand/eye co-ordination Reasonably fit Possess good distance judgement skills Be a minimum age of 18 A Banksman will be responsible for the safety of vehicles, vehicle drivers, him/herself and pedestrians.

Personal Protective Equipment :

Personal Protective Equipment What PPE is needed ? Minimum Requirements :- Gloves Safety shoes Hi-Visibility vest Ideally an helmet should be worn but isn’t a requirement for this site

Dangers and Risks:

Dangers and Risks Dangers to the Banksman ? Slips, trips Falls Crushing Concussion Dangers in the area ? Pedestrians/Walkways MHE Other Traffic Collisions Poor Lighting Ground Conditions Weather Conditions

Brief the Driver:

Brief the Driver Discuss and agree with the driver the planned manoeuvre: Explain about pedestrian routes and other dangers. What are you going to do if there is a foreign driver – how are you going to communicate? Show the driver the hand signals you will be using. If needed - Walk the driver over the route. Ensure the driver’s hazard lights are on at all times. YOU NEED TO BE WORKING TOGETHER

Securing the Route:

Securing the Route This may include: Clearing pedestrians & vehicles from the area If required, establish a “ no go “ zone around the operating route – cone off the zone.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Extra care to be taken not to enter the blind spot area Blind Spot Area Truck Blind Spots


Communication with the driver at all times is VITAL. Standard Hand Signals must be used when directing the driver of a vehicle REMEMBER, IF YOU CAN’T SEE THEM, THEY CAN’T SEE YOU!!!! Communication

Hand Signals:

Hand Signals START Both arms are extended horizontally with palms facing forwards STOP The right arm points upwards with the palm facing forwards EMERGENCY STOP Both arms point upwards with the palms facing forwards

Hand Signals:

Hand Signals AWAY FROM ME Both arms are bent with the palms facing downwards and the forearms make slow movements away the body TOWARDS ME Both arms are bent with the palms facing upwards and the forearms make slow movements towards the body HORIZONTAL DISTANCE The hands indicate the relevant distance

Hand Signals:

Hand Signals END Both hands are clasped at the chest height RIGHT The right arm is extended more or less horizontally with palm facing downwards and slowly makes small movements to the right LEFT The left arm is extended more or less horizontally with palm facing downwards and slowly makes small movements to the left

Breaking the Seal:

Breaking the Seal It is the Banksman's duty to break the container seal once the vehicle has been reversed. Face visor and gloves must be worn when breaking the container seal. A container door strap must be applied before the doors are opened. Open the rear door to check the stock has not capsized in transport.

Air Suspension :

Air Suspension The air suspension will almost certainly need lowering to ensure the container is at the correct height for the dock ramp.


Brakes Ensure that the vehicle’s brakes are applied To do this pull out the red button on the underside of the container

5th Wheel and Chocks:

5 th Wheel and Chocks Always fit wheel chocks for added security Place a 5th wheel prop under the front end of the vehicle for stability

NO - 5th Wheel:


Air Safety Locks:

Air Safety Locks Ensure that an air lock is fitted to the front of the vehicle at all times

Traffic Lights:

Traffic Lights As a Banksman you need to be aware of the traffic light system on site. If the dock door is open, the outside light should be on red. If the dock door is closed, the outside light should be on green. Whatever colour light is on the outside, the opposite colour light should be on the inside.

De – Banking a Container:

De – Banking a Container Once the container has been emptied the Banks man needs to complete the De-Banking process, this involves – Removing the wheel chocks Removing the 5 th wheel prop Do NOT Push in the red brake button The air BRAKE must be left on

Any Questions?:

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