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Introduction to Close Reading Strategies:

Introduction to Close Reading Strategies Lizbeth Robles April 21 st , 2019


OBJECTIVE Students will use close reading strategies to understand a text more deeply.

Introduction of Lesson:

Introduction of Lesson Show Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom From Want” for 10 seconds, hide image, then call few students to share what they remember. Ask specific questions about the picture (ex: How many people are around the table?). Display image again for a longer period, then ask students to answer questions. Connect this activity to today’s lesson: Activity is just like reading, when we read a story once, we get the big ideas, but if we read a text more than once, we notice more details.


Introduction Review annotation guide along with reading checklist graphic organizer. Read "The History of Chocolate" aloud and and model annotating. Explain annotations are personal, and will be different for everyone. Remind students they should pick only the most important ideas to mark.

Guided Practice:

Guided Practice Discuss Close Reading Checklist worksheet . Remind/connect students to introductory activity Read “ The Land of the Blue Flower” (next slide) story aloud as students follow along. Have class discussion after “First Reading” (Main/Big Ideas). Students read text as “Second Reading” with a partner using annotations to mark text. Tell students to read the text on their own for the “Third Reading,” followed by partnered work to complete the final part of the worksheet. When completed, partners will partner with another group (4 students) to discuss answers before whole-class discussion.

“The Land of the Blue Flower”:

“The Land of the Blue Flower”

Apply the Skill:

Apply the Skill Using "The Story of the Amulet,” students will go through the reading checklist graphic organizer

Assessment and Reflection:

Assessment and Reflection Reflection: Students will complete a self-assessment exercise, holding up a number of fingers to show their understanding on a 1-5 scale. Explain that I will be providing support to struggling students. Assessment : After determining a small support group, have students complete the text-dependent reading questions for "The Story of the Amulet,” using their annotations and completed checklist.



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