Unexplored Places on Earth by Livio Andrea Acerbo

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Livio Andrea Acerbo is giving you details about the Five Unexplored Places on Earth. Livio Acerbo believes there are many secrets to uncover.


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Top Five Unexplored Places on Earth :

T op Five Unexplored Places on Earth By: Livio Andrea Acerbo

1: Caves :

1 : Caves Livio Acerbo Deep, winding, dark, slippery and uninhabitable; caves also remain one of the least explored and documented places on earth. Caving is very popular in France, Italy, Australia, UK, United States etc. hence most of the caves currently documented are from Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.

2: Amazon Rainforest :

2: Amazon Rainforest Livio Andrea Acerbo The Amazon rainforest contains 50% of the world’s rainforests. Its biodiversity is extremely vast as it supports numerous types of plant species and over 2,000 birds and mammals. Its climate and surroundings have invoked the interests of many large expeditions for explorations. however, its habitat has impeded thorough exploration of this region.

3: Antarctica :

3: Antarctica Livio Acerbo No one knows what exactly lies beneath the icy terrain of Antarctica, with ice sheets 2 miles thick, it is also the coldest place on earth. Scientists believe there is a network of rivers, streams and stony land makes up its geography. Recently, the discovery of sub-glacial lakes has opened a new chapter in Antarctica’s exploration.

4: Mariana Trench & Deep Sea Ocean :

4: Mariana Trench & Deep Sea Ocean Livio Andrea Acerbo The deepest and darkest place in the ocean is the 35,800 feet deep Mariana Trench which is one of the least explored places on earth. Due to its depth and pressure of up to 1,000 atmospheres, the deep is completely hostile to humans. A study of the deep-ocean life will help scientists to understand deep-sea creatures’ unique living patterns in harsh ocean conditions .

5: Deserts :

5: Deserts Livio Acerbo Though we know of all the deserts on earth, very few explorations have been conducted as they have the least hospitable environments to sustain human life. Explorations have almost always been marked with tragedy and loss of life due to the harsh desert conditions. Scientists and extreme adventurers venture into deserts for research and thrill.

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