Mysterious Places in World by Livio Andrea Acerbo

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Livio Andrea Acerbo is giving you the details about the Five Mysterious Places in World. Livio Acerbo believes that you should visit these places once in life.


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Top Five Mysterious Places in World :

Top Five Mysterious Places in World by: Livio Andrea Acerbo

1: The Door To Hell :

1: The Door To Hell Livio Acerbo This is located in Turkmenistan and is basically a crater which starting burning 35 years ago and has not stopped till date. It is 70 meters wide and was discovered in 1971. When it was found, scientists did not calculate the among of gas it held very accurately which is why it still continues to go up in flames.

2: Mount Roraima :

2: Mount Roraima Livio Andrea Acerbo This is a tabletop mountain in Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil. One can go till the top with the help of a natural ramp that was formed years ago. If you do not wish to take the staircase, you should go back and take some rock climbing lessons for a few years before returning.

3: Meteor Crater :

3: Meteor Crater Livio Acerbo This crater is located in the United States and was created over 50000 years ago. It was a huge grassland at the time and was covered with camels and wooly mammoths. Fortunately, no humans were present which is why it continues to be as unique and beautiful as it is.

4: The Great Dune of Pyla :

4: The Great Dune of Pyla Livio Andrea Acerbo The Great Dune of Pyla is massive- it is about 100 meters in terms of height, 500 meters wide and about 3 kilometre in terms of length. It is steep and has turned into a forest over the years. The Great Dune of Pyla is very famous among those who like to indulge in adventure sports especially paragliding.

5: Socotra :

5: Socotra Livio Acerbo This is considered to be the weirdest and most unusual looking place on the planet. It is isolated because of which the vegetation found here is unlike anything you will ever see. One such tree is the Dragon’s Blood Tree which produces sap that is red in color. It is unnatural looking and so are the spiders and birds that reside here .

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