Most Resource Deprived Countries by Livio Andrea Acerbo

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Livio Andrea Acerbo is giving you the details about the Five Most Resource Deprived Countries of the World.


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Top Five Most Resource Deprived Countries of the World :

Top Five Most Resource Deprived Countries of the World B y: Livio Andrea Acerbo

1: Vatican City :

1 : Vatican City Livio Acerbo Vatican City has the world’s strangest economy, which is almost non-existent and runs on the financial support of Roman Catholics. It has the smallest population of just 840 people and the smallest area of 110 acres. Having absolutely no natural resources of its own, Vatican City is involved in providing financial services to other nations.

2: Costa Rica :

2: Costa Rica Livio Andrea Acerbo Located on the Central American isthmus, Costa Rica is a very small country with virtually no resources at all! Ironically, in Spanish Costa Rica means- “rich” coast. But, despite the scarcity, Costa Rica has managed to be globally recognized for its environment sustainability as well as for having a much higher human development index.

3: Switzerland :

3 : Switzerland Well, this name reminds us of the tick-tock of watches and the shine of Rolex. Though it’s a very small country and has almost no resources it has managed to achieve high rates of growth. Switzerland does not have a very strong base of heavy industries but it has certainly developed in terms of lightweight commodities production . Livio Acerbo

4: Belgium :

4: Belgium Belgium has forever been overshadowed by developed counterparts in Europe. It has even fallen a step behind in terms of natural resources which are almost non-existent in this small country. But, Belgium has not given up. Besides being a large entrepot, Belgium has the largest diamond cutting industry in the world. Livio Andrea Acerbo

5: Taiwan :

5: Taiwan Economists and Social scientists revere this country. Taiwan practically has nothing to boast of. It even resorts to importing sand and gravel from China to meet its construction demands. In times when wars are waged over oil and natural resources, Taiwan has just some coal and natural gas but no iron ore, no forests, no precious gems. Livio Acerbo

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