5 Ways Meth Destroys the Body and Mind


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5 Ways meth destroys the body and mind:

5 Ways meth destroys the body and mind The ugly consequences of a deadly drug

facts about meth :

Meth is among the most addictive substances on the planet, causing a dopamine spike in the brain 3 times more powerful than cocaine and 10 times more powerful than sex. People can become addicted to meth after using the drug just once. Using meth repeatedly changes the brain’s chemistry and can cause permanent brain damage . As of 2008, 12.6 million Americans had used methamphetamine, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). facts about meth

PowerPoint Presentation:

Meth ruins lives: Here are 5 ways the drug affects the body and brain.

#1: SKIN:

Meth cuts off the blood supply to skin, causing skin to lose its elasticity and luster and causing acne. Meth users frequently pick at their skin, a phenomenon called “formication,” that leads to sores and scabs on the skin. Meth users often have burns around their mouths from smoking the drug. #1: SKIN

“faces of meth” (photo: multnomah county sheriff) :

“faces of meth” (photo: multnomah county sheriff)

#2: teeth:

Heavy meth users frequently develop tooth decay and broken and discolored teeth, known as “meth mouth.” Meth reduces saliva production, which causes the mouth’s acids to erode tooth enamel, and corrosive chemicals in the drug may also contribute to tooth decay. Meth users frequently consume sugary drinks and snacks, grind their teeth and generally neglect their teeth, adding to the problem. #2: teeth

“Meth mouth” (Copyright Dr. Chris Heringlake, DDS, St. Cloud Correctional Facility).:

“Meth mouth” (Copyright Dr. Chris Heringlake , DDS, St. Cloud Correctional Facility).

#3: brain:

Meth causes the brain to release dopamine in large amounts; over time, meth can damage the wiring of the brain, permanently altering users’ ability to experience pleasure. Heavy meth use can lead to aggression, paranoia, and psychotic behavior. Meth use causes intense focus that can become obsessive. #3: brain

#3: brain (cont’d):

Meth can cause permanent damage to cognitive abilities; disorganization is a common problem resulting from meth abuse. Meth can cause extreme increases in body temperature, which can cause brain damage. Meth impairs judgment and heightens libido, which can lead users to engage in risky sexual behaviors. #3: brain (cont’d)

#4: immune system:

Meth use decreases the body’s ability to fight infections. A weakened immune system leaves users susceptible to contracting diseases and infections. #4: immune system

#5: liver:

Meth use can damage the liver and lead to liver disease, cirrhosis and hepatitis. Acute liver damage/failure can ultimately lead to death. #5: liver

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