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Mother’s Day 2011



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A Mother’s Sacrifice

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We want you to know how amazing our mother is….it is not possible to summarize in a few sentences or the longest document in the world what our mother has sacrificed for us. Motherhood began for her at the age of 15 an age most consider still a child. There is not one part of her that has not, at one time or another, been sacrificed either to each of us individually or to all of us as a group.

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When we attempt to answer the question, what has your mother sacrificed for you ? W e are reminded of our mother’s hands that diapered, fed, clothed, cleaned, nursed, and consoled nine children. We remember a mother who not only encouraged us to set goals, but a mother who willingly gave of herself regardless if the need was financial, moral, or spiritual support to help us achieve our dreams. Presented with the question, “Mom, how did you do it?” she’ll respond simply stating “God deserves all the credit .” Her children all grown would seemingly be a time in her life she could be anything she wanted to be…we stand in awe as she at age 73 continues to mother ALL those in need!!

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If you happen to make eye contact with our mother, She’ll likely respond with a smile and invite you to Sunday dinner. You’re not guaranteed a seat at the table, but fellowship and a full plate is a certainty. Her dedication to sacrifice is echoed in her blessing over each and every meal when you hear her pray….”Bless this food Lord to our use, and us to thy service, make us ever mindful of other’s needs .”

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This is our mother, only in summary, because it’s impossible to document all of her mothering. It extends beyond anything that could ever be written, continuing to grandchildren, great grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, and anyone in need. Our mother is an amazing woman, yes that’s our point, but simply making a point is not our intention. Our mission today is to go above and beyond and let our mother know how very proud we are of her. We love you mom and thank God everyday for blessing our lives with a strong, caring, loving, and always praying mother.

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I can remember being alone, scared, raising 4 kids, and wondering how I was ever going to make it. Mom always said we could do or be anything we wanted, we just had to give everything to God, pray and he would give us the desire of our heart. I always wanted to be a nurse, but never thought I was smart enough and with 4 small kids, how could I manage it? Mom, who was still raising her kids at home, offered to take my 2 year old, Mandy, home with her during the week so I could go to school during the day and study at night and not have to worry about her. She was always there encouraging me to go after my dream even when I didn’t think I could do it. I never heard her complain or ask anything in return except to do my best. My mom gave me my dream of being a nurse, a way to take care of my kids, and most importantly of showing me by example the true meaning of being a godly mother by giving freely of her love and time, never complaining! I love you mom, you’re the best gift God could have ever given me!

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You’re especially loved… of all the wonderful blessings God has given you’re among the most treasured.

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No one in the world can take the place of your mother.  Right or wrong, from her viewpoint you are always right.  She may scold you for little things, but never for the big ones.  ~Harry Truman

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The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.

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Looking back at the past and the memories Of my mother … what comes to my mind are two scripture verses as a teenager were annoying. For me and my house we shall serve the Lord, and Blessed [art] thou among women, and blessed [is] the fruit of thy womb. She must have mentioned me the most in her prayers because I am serving the Lord and I am blessed. Thank you mom for never giving up.

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To my mom …. She is a blessing to me at the age of 12 I became ill with Rheumatic Fever which lead to Mitral Valve Prolapse. I was in and out of the hospital for approximately three years, sometimes I was admitted to the hospital three and four weeks at a time. I had to learn to walk and talk all over again as well as had to be carried from room to room usually on my moms back. This was along with all her other responsibilities as a wife and mother of eight other siblings. She always made sure she visited me twice a day. My mom sacrificed many sleepless nights worried and tired not knowing my outcome or how long I would be ill. As sick as I was God still shined thru my mom. Many times my mom would leave my side and witness and pray for families who had love ones in the hospital. There was a little girl in the room next to me who was very sick and had a trachea and could not walk or talk and my mom prayed for that little girl and we were able to see that little girl again at the Clearfield Fair. That is my mom who in my eyes with God’s help always managed to do the impossible and had the faith that with God all things are possible. I am a living testimony of God’s Love and Grace thru a praying and believing mother whose love is unconditional. I am truly blessed and thank God everyday for my wonderful mom.

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The wisest of women builds her house with God being the foundation. You are a mother of wisdom

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I look at my mother with complete admiration for her ability to stand firm in her determination. She makes mothering look easy, but make no mistake, numerous times she’s felt the pain of a mother’s heartache. My journey through adulthood continually reveals the importance of her example and what it means to me. I can remember the heartache I felt on my worst day and calling my mom who responded with “Lets pray.” She was praying for me that I would receive a god given strength that mothers so often need. Words can’t express the connection that was made with the realization she has suffered this same day! My mother is so strong in her faith, and I thank God she’s a mother who taught her children to pray.

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What I remember most about my mom is her incredible unwavering belief in god she taught each of us by example and built us a strong Christian foundation to stand on. I never knew what a gift that was until through nursing I started to go into homes filled with fear and despair. These families were never taught where to turn in times of hopelessness. It made me so grateful that I had a mom who cared enough to not only teach me, but to show me that I’m never alone, God walks beside me always. The second greatest lesson she taught me by example was the tremendous love and support she showed for my father. My parents have been married almost 60 years, they still hold hands, never leave each others side without a kiss, and constantly support one another, what a great sense of security this brought me as a child and also as an adult. I have such a great respect for my mother. There are a lot of people who say their mother is the best, but my mom is truly God sent, she is holy, she is the greatest mother in the universe…and I mean that!!

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We Love you mom! Happy Mother’s Day

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