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How to Make Sure He Runs Back Into Your Arms Right Now : 

How to Make Sure He Runs Back Into Your Arms Right Now

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Being dumped by your boyfriend is not a nice feeling, because you get confronted with the idea that you are not good enough for someone. Sometimes this can even become the driving force to wanting him back, not because you really want to be with him.

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So the first thing is to ask yourself why you want him back. Do you really want to be with him again, with all his irritating traits? We all have them.

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It is possible that you want him back because he has suddenly become unavailable to you, and we want what we cannot have. Or maybe you want him back because your ego took a great knock when he announced he does not want to be with you anymore. Be honest with yourself and your feelings, and be sure that the only driving force to you fighting for this relationship is because you love him and you want to be with him.

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If you truly love him and want him back, you now need to zoom into the relationship. What problems did you have in the relationship that would push him to end things with you? Did he give you any reasons why he was ending the relationship?

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Access your behavior when you were with him. Did you hurt him in any way? Maybe you were unfaithful to him at some point or you did something that seriously disappointed him. If you did something that he did not agree with, apologize for hurting and disappointing him. Make it clear that you want a second chance with him, without nagging or harassing him.

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Limit contact with him. Constantly calling him will translate to harassment to him, and you will definitely end up with the wrong result. This will be challenging for you, because you are missing him, and you are tempted to remind him how you feel about him, but it is the wrong move.

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Also, act like you have your life together, even though you are feeling crappy about the situation. Keep busy and focus on other things besides your boyfriend. When you are not in his face, he will wonder what you are busy with, and might be curious enough to call you up.

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If you are going to use jealousy to get him back by dating other men, be sure to be prepared for the consequences. This method could work, but then again it could backfire on you and you could lose him for good.

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Whatever you do, do not mope around waiting for him. Go on with your life, get involved in activities that will get your self esteem up, and have fun. Let him see that you have a life without him, and when you are having fun, people that you were both close to will be telling him stuff about you and how much fun you are having. When he realizes what he is missing, he might consider getting back with you.

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