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Slow Learner F Fatima’s Case

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“Ambassadors of society to the kingdom of the child” is how Sir Percy Nunn described teachers some eighty years ago.

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The enigma of learning disabilities Some eminent people with learning disabilities Thomas Edison Auguste Rodin Albert Einstein

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Why?? Only alert teachers and parents can make a difference What is needed? A unified interdisciplinary approach and a coordinated effort members

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The team members The duties of the leader

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The Puzzling Case of Fatimah Kg teacher First grade teacher An expert outside the school The school counselor Fatimah’s Father

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The problems encountered in this case are typical. Each profession saw one part of the problem.

Definition :

Definition A slow learner is a child whose intellectual ability falls within the low average range and whose scaled score pattern reveals the absence of great potential.

Symptoms :

Symptoms May have a short attention span May not be able to generalize May feel insecure Consistently achieves below grade level Has a low intellectual ability Withdraws and does not participate Seldom volunteers in class Has trouble finishing assignments

Possible Reasons:

Possible Reasons Familial pattern Lack of environmental stimulation Possible learning disability Rejection by parents or play mates Low nutrition Severe emotionality interfering in cognitive functioning

Influence :

Influence Bandura Bandura’s theory stresses that people learn better from each other, via observation, imitation and modeling. Maria Montessori Maria Montessori stresses the importance of developing the senses in a most natural supporting environment

Teaching / Management Suggestion:

Teaching / Management Suggestion Provide many learning material Repeat new material Give the child a feeling of achievement Give the child opportunity to move Design easy to difficult approach Use visual aids frequently Praise Fatimah wherever possible Make the parents aware of her limitations

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Try to dissolve negative thinking of Fatimah Use slow pace Retreat to basics Breakdown tasks to pieces Rehearse knowledge Boost resilience Use multi-sensory materials

Improvement :

Improvement Fatima in the past Fatima now Unable to follow up Having poor hand writing Speaking Arabic to form sentences Can not read Sitting alone Does not know alphabets Very shy Have low self esteem Having low concentration Unable to express herself Getting better in following up Having better handwriting Trying to form sentences in English Giving more effort Trying to mingle Familiar with alphabets Still shy Is more confident Still having low concentration Trying to express herself

Limitations :

Limitations Poor diagnoses Parents rejection of the problem Poor role of counseling Having short attention span

Future Suggestions *Computer Assisted Instruction:

Future Suggestions *Computer Assisted Instruction Effective for : - Slow learners - Economically disadvantaged students

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