Evidence for Intelligent Ancestors

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Evidence for Intelligent Ancestors. : 

Evidence for Intelligent Ancestors.

Ancient Man Was Intelligent (Ancient High Technology, Ooparts) : 

Ancient Man Was Intelligent (Ancient High Technology, Ooparts) Contrary to the popular view, ancient people were probably more intelligent than people today. They were also skilled craftsman. Many of their feats would be impossible by modern technology.

The Great Pyramid : 

The Great Pyramid A thin razor will not fit between the stone blocks that weight tons.

Egyptian Aircraft Hieroglyphics : 

Egyptian Aircraft Hieroglyphics Helicopter Airplane Blimp

Egyptian Flying Model : 

Egyptian Flying Model

South American Flying Trinkets : 

South American Flying Trinkets

Aztec Ear Plugs : 

Aztec Ear Plugs Less than a millimeter thick and perfectly symmetrical, they definitely required precise machining tools.

Egyptian Light Bulb : 

Egyptian Light Bulb

Bagdad Battery : 

Bagdad Battery Makes D.C. current from grape juice or any other acid.

Bullet Holes : 

Bullet Holes The only known projectiles to make this kind of wound are bullets. In the Neanderthal skull, the other side is blown out, presumably the cause of death. In the extinct auroch buffalo, the animal survived, slightly calcifying the wound before death.

Crystal Skulls : 

Crystal Skulls Modern technology could not reproduce these. Some theorize that the ancients knew a way to crystallize bones, rather than carving them.

Piri Reis Map Reiterated : 

Piri Reis Map Reiterated Needed an aerial view to produce it. Plotted using accurate Longitude and Latitude and spherical trigonometry. The map makers knew the earth was round and knew its circumference to within 50 miles.

Superfine Holes and Thread : 

Superfine Holes and Thread Modern technology could not produce the microscopic thread or the equally small holes through such thin brittle stone.

Egyptian Granite Bowl : 

Egyptian Granite Bowl The bowl is perfectly balanced, symmetrical, and lacking any blemish. The difficult substrate of granite makes this next to impossible by today’s technology.

Colossus of Ramesses II : 

Colossus of Ramesses II The statue is sculpted to perfection from a single multi-ton block of exceedingly difficult material. It would require enormous effort and extreme skill by modern technology.

Mohenjo-Daro—Ancient City of the Indus Valley : 

Mohenjo-Daro—Ancient City of the Indus Valley The city was planned before the first brick was laid. Structures are of a standard sized brick and include indoor plumbing, drainage ditches, uniform streets, a granary, a city hall, towers, and a great bath.

More Ica Stones : 

More Ica Stones These stones depict heart surgery and stargazing with telescopes.

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