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Active green group solution is one of the leading Rehau upvc windows,doors,Aluminum window systems,Facade fabricators manufacturing company in India started in mid '90s all the products that we deal with are German Engineered / German made with a Global reputation for their Quality. website : Call us : 98666 11134


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A strong partnership Active Green Window Solutions aspires to be a major player in custom-made German Engineered uPVC window and door solutions specializing in design installation and service. These smart green windows and doors are synergy of convenience quality comfort and environment friendliness. • World-class German profles and allied products • Sources steel from REHAU ancillary • Hardware from REHAU certifed suppliers from across the world • LEED rated state of the art manufacturing facility at Hyderabad • Quality standards as per ISO 9001- 2008 • Fabricated on world renowned German Elumatec machines • High-quality installation materials used • Experienced and trained team for manufacturing and installations • Commitment to quality and on time delivery / installations • Customer rating and satisfaction report for every project Our core team has more than a decade of rich experience in manufacturing and installation. Our highly-skilled production and installation team can provide end-to-end door and window solutions with diligent customer service. Certifcations • LEED-Rated factory applied and awaiting certifcation • Green Certifed Windows and Doors • ISO 9001:2008 Certifcation • Global Accreditation for REHAU REHAU founded in 1948 today enjoys an impeccable reputation globally for developing innovative solutions in providing a wide range of products and services to the Construction Automotive and Industrial sectors. With about 17000 employees around the globe in over 170 locations on six continents REHAU offers incomparable expertise in materials development systems design and surface technology and an unwavering commitment to building long-lasting partnerships and alliances with our customers. Continuing research and development enables us to consistently deliver cost-effective and environment-friendly products. Stringent quality control and safety guidelines ensure that all our products comply with the highest international standards. REHAU’s products and systems for the window and door heating and plumbing fre protection and pipe markets complement each other in integrated high-performance solutions representing the perfect blend of quality and innovation to inspire better living. Active Green WindoW SolutionS BY reHAu trendSettinG Pol YMer QuAlitY in HYderABAd

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3 REHAU Window Systems meet international quality and regulatory standards and are accredited by both international and national regulation bodies. Quality and certifcation Why reHAu Window Systems REHAU is the leading uPVC manufacturer of window profles. Its unique solutions comprise of specially engineered designs that combine form with function better than anything you’ve ever seen. So every REHAU system is as stylish as it is ingenious and as attractive as it is durable. For both practical and aesthetic reasons REHAU ensures you of windows that work beautifully taking care of a major factor in the success of any building project. The following section of references shows how the quality windows system fulfls practical requirements. • LASALLE-SIA College of Art Singapore • Toorak Apartment Melbourne Australia • Tugan Apartment Gold Coast Brisbane Australia • Residental house Nan-Tou Taiwan • Holiday resort Zhi-Tou National Park Taiwan • Sheraton Hotel Brunei Brunei • Filsystem Tower 1 Manila Philippines • An-Lan Home Taichung City Taiwan • Golden Car Resort Centre Yi-Lan City Taiwan • National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium Pingtun county Taiwan • State University in Belgorod Russia • Pleasure boat “Papanov” in Rostov n.D. Russia • Administration Building in Stary Oskol Russia • Condominium Weissr in Bangalore Pl. Minsk Belarus German engineered systems for worldwide climates

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4 innov Ative And verSA tile cAterinG to tHe WideSt MArKetS PoSSiBle Unrivalled benefts + easy installation ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS REHAU Euro-Design Slide and REHAU Prestige-Design represent the latest technological advances in window and door design. With nearly 6 years of expertise in product research and development REHAU is renowned for it’s innovation and advanced engineered designs. ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS is proud to bring in REHAU’s extensive range that meets the requirements of renovation and new construction applications in residential and commercial buildings. As a world leader in polymer solutions REHAU creates PVC extrusions for windows and doors that set new standards for premium performance and distinctive design. From aesthetics to function and durability ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS beneft from quality materials and the most advanced technology. ensures aesthetics function and durability by using high quality input materials and advanced technology.

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5 side-hung DESIGN FLEXIBILITY REHAU offers an advanced range of window styles that can be mixed and matched for new buildings and replacement applications. All styles from inward-to outward opening single windows to multi light windows with transoms balcony doors sliding windows and doors and all combination out of that can be constructed with REHAU systems. Weather it is a folding door or a French door a tilt and turn or an arched window you are looking for: with REHAU window systems the possibilities are virtually unlimited. ATTRACTIVE RANGE OF COLOuRS With a wide range of colours and multiple confgurations to choose from our windows visually enhance both the interiors and the facade of any home. ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS have a standard range of window profles with lamination and uses only foils that are specially engineered to withstand extreme UV radiation. The beautiful woodgrain fnishes as well as the plain colours do not warp fake or peel. There is no need for painting anymore. 2 window systems unlimited possibilites inward span with top arch window folding-sliding tilt-and-turn tilt-and-slide double slider 4-panel 3-panel side-hung / top-hung combination single/fxed combination single slider double slider top-hung bi-fold doors French door single door No painting required tHe cHoice iS YourS deSiGn And colour oPtionS

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6 effective Sound inSulA tion inGeniouS deSiGn KeePinG noiSe loW t ailor-made noise protection system for healthy sound of silence ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS using REHAU Prestige Design are perfectly designed to reduce sound transmission. The dual compression gaskets ensure tightness of the windows and doors. Combined with suitable glazing and installed in a professional way ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS can achieve a sound reduction of up to 40 dB. This easily exceeds the recommended sound – proofng level for sleeping rooms even in busy town centres. To concentrate at work or relax after a hard day the one factor needed for optimum results is a peaceful and quiet environment.

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7 EXCEEDING RECOGNISED STANDARDS dB decibel is a logarithmic unit of measurement that expresses the magnitude of a physical quantity usually power or intensity relative to a specifed or implied reference level. Sound insulation up to 40 dB Highly effective dual compression gaskets cause tightness of windows and doors leading to excellent sound insulation Sound insulation t able Location And Noise Pollution Level Recommended Max. Noise Level Recommended sound proofng Level of Window Noise Protection Class Residential Area about 60 dB Sleeping 25 - 30 dB Housing 30 - 35 dB Working 35 - 50 dB 30 dB 27 dB 14 dB 2 1 0 Town Centre about 70 dB Sleeping 25 - 30 dB Housing 30 - 35 dB Working 35 - 50 dB 43 dB 37 dB 35 dB 4 3 1 Industrial about 75dB Sleeping 25 - 30 dB Housing 30 - 35 dB Working 35 - 50 dB 47 dB 43 dB 30 dB 5 4 2

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8 engineered with security for your family and your property in mind REHAU profles will accommodate most of the shootbolts and security hinges currently available on the market. Thanks to the Eurogroove in our sash profles all multi point locking hardware can be installed in windows and doors to further deter burglars. In addition the windows supplied by ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS are internally glazed. This means the glazing beads that hold the glass in place are on the inside and cannot be removed by would-be-intruders. Your home is your haven which is why ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS serve as an effective barrier against the intrusion of noise and unwelcome strangers. PeAce of Mind SAfetY MeASureS And MA teriAl QuAlitY firMl Y in PlAce

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9 SELF EXTINGuISHING REHAU uPVC is classifed as a high-impact resistant material. It is notably diffcult to ignite and will self-extinguish when the source of heat is removed. Able to withstand windspeeds up to 6300 Pa and signal 9 typhoon HigH WiNd Lo Ad PeRfoRMANCe The wind load capacities of ReHAU Window Systems have been verifed at a range of 3500 - 6300 Pa tested in accordance with GB/T7106-2002 and at estimated windspeeds of 270 - 380 km/h. In other words ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS are built to withstand the gustiest wind conditions which makes them an ideal choice in highrises and coastal areas. No RottiNg No CoRRoSioN No PAiNtiNg Unlike other materials like wood uPVC profles by ReHAU are rot-proof and resistant to atmospheric pollution including a range of acids and alkalis. ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS are resilient enough to shield you from even typhoons ensuring safety and security indoors. According to Taiwan’s storm surge classifcation system for the country

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10 cleAn interiorS Perfect Protection AGAinSt tHe eleMentS Solves the common problems of a high-rise urban home These days more people live in high-rise apartments that overlook vehicular traffc with all its noise and air pollution. This makes housekeeping even more of a chore. ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS made of REHAU profles have been thoughtfully designed to keep out opposing forces of a clean and restful environment.

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11 2 1 fUSS-fRee MAiNteNANCe It takes only half as much time to clean tilt-and- turn windows as their openings allow you to swipe both sides at the same time. Being made of exceptionally durable uPVC by REHAU ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS are extremely resistant to pollution diluted acids and alkalis. No special maintenance regime beyond the use of appropriate standard household cleaners is required. All in all a ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS using REHAU system are virtually guaranteed to help you save plenty of time and money over the long duration of its use. DuST PROOFING The sealing in REHAU Window Systems is calibrated to achieve excellent air tightness of less than 0.1 m 3 /hr/m 2 10 Pa tested in accordance with GB/T7107-2002. This effectively stops dust drifting in from the outside which drastically reduces the time you’ll need to spend cleaning your home. 1 8mm overlap of frame and sash Duo compression gasket 2 WAteR tigHtNeSS REHAU windows incorporate an 8mm overlap between frame and sash as well as dual compression gaskets to prevent both dust penetration and water infltration. They boast a proven water tightness of at least 2 litres/ min/m 2 700 Pa tested in accordance with GB/ T7108-2002. So your home stays absolutely dry however heavily it might be raining outside. Safe cleaning inside- out with tilt-and-turn windows 2 8mm 8mm 1

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12 lonG-lAStinG utilitY looKinG Good AGAinSt All oddS Quality materials ensure longevity of form and function The basis for REHAU’s profle quality is the use of quality compound RAU – PVC. The recipe is the culmination of over 50 years of research and trials. Tough and impact resistant it is ideally suited to external use. The high quality compound used to create the renowned ReHAU smooth gloss fnish ensures that the windows stay white and retain their pristine appearance indefnitely. Of course our profles are UV – stabilized and are able to withstand severe climatic conditions. ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS are durable and will keep their looks for many years whatever the weather throws at them. REHAU window system was selected for the Triumph Tower in Moscow Russia for its long-lasting brilliant white appearance. RAU-PVC: ReHAU’s own formulation for window profles

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13 eNeRgY-SAViNg ACTIVE GREEN WINDOWS SOLUTIONS can be installed in regions experiencing up to 180kcal/cm2 per year radiation such as the Sahara Desert or the Arctic region. They undergo no physical trace of reduction in rigidity between -30°C and 60°C. So the conditions of neither the Arctic region nor the Sahara Desert could ever cause a dent in any REHAU profle. Certain climatic conditions take a toll on buildings. Coastal houses for instance should be able to stand up to high wind loads and the corrosive effects of water. Each REHAU Window System is specially formulated to suit the global spectrum of climates and regions. energy savings you will fell in your wallet High quality and uv-stability from Australia to china to india While frames made of aluminium or any other metal tend to scorch REHAU uPVC is such a poor conductor of heat that you can lean on it comfortably and enjoy the views even on the hottest of days. More signifcantly it prevents the heat outside from entering your home thereby reducing your reliance on cooling devices such as air conditioning. According to tests on double glazing glass for eight hours of air conditioning United States Egypt Australia radiation scale high low

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14 Active Greeen WindoW SolutionS coMPlete Provider of QuAlitY SolutionS Our state of the art Facbricating unit is located at I P Pashamylaram Patancheru is a LEED Rated facilty. Installed world reputed Elumatec German Machinery for perfection in fabrication. Our team is a perfect blend of young ITI/Diploma holders and experienced Engineers and management graduates. We follow stringent quality norms and ISO 9001:2008 standards. Member IGBC

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our eSteeMed ProJectS one StoP Solution WitH QuAlitY PArtnerS

slide 16: active ads 98666 11132 Plot No. 99 Active Hill Valley Janardhana Hills Gachibowli Hyderabad-32. Ph : 040-2300 5300 / 2300 0558 / 966 66 266 27 M : +91 98666 11134 ACtiVe gReeN WiNdoWS SoLUtioNS At REHAU continues innovation to add value to customers and partners with sophisticated products solutions and services is a enduring activity. Water Harvesting System REHAU Range of Products for Construction Roller Shutters Automotive Indoor and Outdoor furniture AC Trap Door Plumbing Pipping System Radiant Heating and Cooling Aircraft Windows and Doors Geothermal Solutions Edge Bands iSo 9001

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