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to the tutorial about “Food and Taste”:

t o the tutorial about “ Food and Taste ”

What’s more important: taste or nutrition?:

What’s more important: taste or nutrition? Let’s think about: How important is “food” in your life? Do you agree that if something tastes great, it’s probably bad for you? Now, let’s listen to some people talk about it

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Do you know the definitions ?

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Listen for Main ideas… Check ( ) the correct answer. Better for you OK in small amounts Bad for you Read meat White meat Cheese Coffee Tea Soda Milk chocolate

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What do people think about it?

What do nutrionists advise?:

What do nutrionists advise?

Food Tasters:

Food Tasters You are going to listen to three professional food tasters talk about their jobs.

T (True) or F (False) :

T (True ) or F (False ) Stuart… Marie…. Enrique… __ 1. has a degree in nutrition. __ 2. started his job immediately after graduation. __ 3. visits the dentist once a year. __ 1. doesn’t like strong-smelling cheeses. __ 2. often visits local farmers. __ 3. has a degree in food science. __ 1. has no formal qualifications. __ 2. never tastes in the afternoons. __ 3. doesn’t consume what he tastes.

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What has the government done about it?

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Think about your favorite food… Salads Fruit Meats Desserts

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GRAMMAR… Quantifiers with Count/ Noncount Nouns Count Nouns: are the names of things we can count, for example, one egg and two bananas. Noncount nouns: are the things we cannot count, such as cheese and water.

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How many/How much Use how many with count nouns. Example: How many apples do you eat a week? Use how much with noncount nouns. Example: How much tea do you drink a day?

Are you ready for the Quiz?:

Are you ready for the Quiz? http :// lsaez14 Please go to:

It’s an “adjective”:

It’s an “adjective” Consisting of parts that are in correct and pleasing proportions. Example: A good way to say healthy is to eat balanced meals and exercise regularly.

It’s a “noun”:

It’s a “noun” Units for measuring the energy value of food. Example: I’m going to eat this candy bar because it has 450 calories.

It’s a “verb”:

It’s a “verb” To eat or drink something. Example: If you consume too much food, you will gain weight.

It’s a “noun”:

It’s a “noun” The food that a person or an animal usually eats. Example: My diet includes a lot of chicken and rice.

It’s an “adjective”:

It’s an “adjective” Having a strong, hot flavor Example: I can’t eat spicy food because it upsets my stomach.

It’s a “noun”:

It’s a “noun” The way that you feel at a particular time, such as happy or sad. Example: I love to eat chocolate because it always puts me in a good mood.

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