How to Stop Being Jealous (Before You Drive Him Away for Good)

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Irrational jealousy is one of the quickest ways to destroy a relationship. Here's how to stop being jealous before you ruin everything - For good.


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How to Stop Being Jealous (Before Your Drive Him Away for Good) :

How to Stop Being Jealous ( Before Your Drive Him Away for Good)

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You and your guy are in love. He has given you no reason to think that he is cheating on you, but you still can’t stop being jealous, worried and even paranoid .

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You HATE being jealous. It’s like being stabbed in the chest. But you can’t stop.

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As the heart-breaking feeling of not being enough and the feat of losing him continue, you become obsessed . You seek more and more assurance, trying your best not to show what a mess you are inside.

And him? :

And him? Though he will insist upon looking at and talking to whoever he wants, he will still try to help you. He will do everything he can to reassure you that you are the only one he wants , that he loves only you. But he fails. And fails again. And then, little by little, he starts to pull away from you . Before you know it, your jealousy brings the opposite of what you wanted and destroys your relationship for good.

“But I Have Good Reasons to Be Jealous!” :

“But I Have Good Reasons to Be Jealous!” I know you think you have very good reasons to be jealous. Maybe he keeps in touch with women he slept with in the past. Maybe he liked some half-naked woman/ex on Facebook. Maybe he hangs out with other girls (from work, or friends of friends).

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But these are not the REAL REASONS that you are jealous.

The REAL Reasons You Are Jealous :

The REAL Reasons You Are Jealous You’ve Been Hurt Before No matter how much he loves you and how devoted he is to you, you can’t see it. Because your past has taken over your present. Deep down you know that this guy can hurt you just like the other guy did, and you want to protect your heart.

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2. Low Self Esteem Deep down you feel that you are simply not enough. There’s no way a great guy could really love you and you don’t really deserve to be loved.

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3. He is Not Completely Committed to the Relationship

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In my experience, #3 is the most common cause of jealousy. Sometimes, jealousy is an instinct that something is not right . That he doesn’t really love you. That he is not fully committed to the relationship. That he is looking around, “open to suggestions” from other girls because you simply haven’t captured his heart yet.

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If this is true, the worst way to win his heart for good is by jealousy. Jealousy causes neediness. Neediness drives men away and shuts down their feelings for you.

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Imagine really knowing that you are the only woman he can see. Imagine that he begs of you to stay his, and only his. Imagine that he starts to do anything to keep you in his arms.

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You won’t be jealous anymore. You’ll feel secure in your relationship and you will know your worth.

How to Stop Being Jealous (By Making him ADDICTED to You) :

How to Stop Being Jealous (By Making him ADDICTED to You) It’s so much easier than you think. There are actually only 3 simple steps you have to take to make him realize you are the only woman he needs to look at and talk about. Click Here to find out – Right Now!

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