My Boyfriend is Distant - What Can I Do?

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My boyfriend is distant. What can I do to melt his frozen heart?


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My Boyfriend is Distant – How Do I Melt His Frozen Heart?:

My Boyfriend is Distant – How Do I Melt His Frozen Heart? By Lisa Redfield

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I know it may be a hard for you to face the truth right now, but chances are that if the boyfriend is distant, the boyfriend may be planning to bail.

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Please don ’ t lie to yourself – That never helps. If he is cold, distant and uninterested for more than a couple of days, he ’ s not “ just going through a phase ” , or “ suffering from hormonal imbalance. ” And he won ’ t “ just get over it with time ” . Timing is crucial and you can ’ t just ignore this situation if you want your relationship to survive.

 WHY is Your Boyfriend Distant?:

WHY is Your Boyfriend Distant? Though this is a question only you can answer, I can guess the possible reasons without knowing you or your relationship at all:

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1. He is angry at you and not revealing why – If you recently had a fight, or you an issue that keeps coming up in your relationship, he may be angry at you. Instead of talking to you about it and dealing with the problem, he chooses to avoid the conflict (most men do that) and pull away from you, keeping a “ safe ” distance.

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2. He is feeling guilty about something “ bad ” that he did, or planning to do. Again, instead of dealing with the consequences, he chooses to run away. 3. He is losing interest . For some reason he is losing interest in you and your relationship. This makes him step back and think about his next steps and figure out his emotions.

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4. He feels that he is no longer in love with you and planning to break up with you. Men don ’ t like to be direct and rather slowly and gradually disappear from a relationship, instead of ending things directly.

 What Can You Do Now? :

What Can You Do Now ? Most women react the same way when their man becomes distant for no apparent reason. Women are rational creatures, so we start to compare:

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** He used to call me 3 timed a day. Now he only calls once. ** He used to rush back home to see me right after work. Now he wants to go out more with his friends. ** He used to kiss me goodbye when he left the house. Now he barely says bye. ** He used to tell me how much he loves me. He used to hug and kiss me all the time. Now he seems to avoid getting near me.

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The clearer the picture becomes, the more scared you get of losing him. So you try to do anything you can to please him and show him how much you love him. You become obsessed with pushing away that break up cloud hanging over your relationship.

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But that only pushes him away further . You become angry, frustrated, hurt. You lose control and lash out at him. This leads to him breaking up with you. It Doesn ’ t Have to Happen to You TOO.

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It ’ s true; this is what happens most of the time. But it doesn ’ t have to happen to you too. It ’ s not too late and NOT all hope is gone. Actually, it ’ s not too late even if he has already left and even if he is already seeing someone else. There is always hope.

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You can turn the clock back to when you were happiest, if you just get the right tools and learn HOW to do it. Just because he is acting cold and distant – Doesn ’ t mean that he doesn ’ t love you. Just because he won ’ t open up to you now, doesn ’ t mean you can ’ t GET him to open up.

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My friend Randy Bennet (A licensed therapist), reveals 2 powerful methods to do just that. In his new video (that you can watch Right Here), he shows you exactly how to turn your cold, distant and uninterested man back to the guy that used to adore you and treat you like a queen.

Don’t Let Him Slip Away:

Don ’ t Let Him Slip Away He calls the video “ How to Melt His Heart ” and that ’ s exactly what you will learn if you choose to watch it. I hope you do. Watch the Video Here – Right Now!

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