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Preceptor Power-ups:

P receptor P ower-ups 5-Minute Preceptor Development Videos The Roles of a Preceptor: Coach, Provider, Faculty

Preceptor Responsibilities:

Preceptor Responsibilities Preceptors are primarily responsible to 3 parties: Students Practice site and health care team School(s) of Pharmacy assigning students

Roles of a Preceptor:

Roles of a Preceptor Teacher/ Coach Practitioner/ Provider Faculty Member

Role: Teacher/ Coach:

Role: Teacher/ Coach

Practice-Based Teaching Techniques:

Practice-Based Teaching Techniques Preceptor Role Techniques Direct Instruction Direct learners to content specific to their practice problems. Teach how a new piece of content relates to other pieces. Introduce new content in the context of solving a direct patient care practice problem. Practice-Based Teaching Techniques Associated with Preceptor Roles and Theories of Cognitive Problem Solving. ( Source: Nimmo CM. Developing training and programs: Facilitating learning in staff development. In: Nimmo CM, Guerrero R, Greene SA, Taylor JT, eds. Staff Development for pharmacy practice. Bethesda, MD: ASHP 2000. Modeling Teach strategies to help clarify problems. Teach the patterns that characterize different categories of direct patient care practice problems. Explain out loud what you are thinking as you solve a problem. Coaching Give learners opportunities to practice solving direct patient care practice problems coupled with feedback on their use of strategies. Provide sufficient problem-solving practice to build speed. Ask learners to explain out loud what they are thinking as they solve a problem. Facilitating Teach learners to evaluate their own work.

Role: Practitioner/ Provider:

Role: Practitioner/ Provider Excellence in patient care, clinical knowledge, interprofessional team work Communication skills Evidence-based medicine Remember to “think out loud”

Role: Faculty Member:

Role: Faculty Member Coordinate rotation activities to meet learning objectives and ability outcomes set forth for the rotation Assess student knowledge and skills Opportunities to participate in school functions Committees Lectures/ workshops Admissions interviews


Summary 3 Roles of Preceptors: Teacher/ Coach Practitioner/ Provider Faculty Member


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