Liquid Screed Ltd Can Now Lay Liquid Screed Anywhere In the UK

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Liquid Screed Ltd Can Now Lay Liquid Screed Anywhere In the UK Liquid screed is fast becoming the screed of choice for specifiers in the UK for several reasons. It is estimated that it is already being used in 20 of new builds rather than traditional sand and cement screed. Liquid Screed Ltd is the foremost provider of liquid screeds and can now provide them anywhere in the country. There are many advantages to using liquid screed not the least of which is how quickly they can be laid. Because it is a liquid it is delivered to site ready mixed and poured using a large hose. This way it is possible to lay as much as 2000 square metres of screed in a working day. Liquid Screed director Andy Guy said: “Not only can we lay 2000 square metres a day but it also dries very quickly as well. You will be able to walk on it in 48 hours or less which means that the screed doesn’t have any effect on other trades working on site who may need to work in that particular area.” There are many other benefits as well. Liquid screed has an extremely low chance of shrinkage: it doesn’t curl and it minimizes the chance of cracking. This makes it very suitable for use with tiled floors since other types of screed may shrink and cause tiles to crack.

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Liquid screed is also very useful for laying with underfloor heating which is being specified more and more in the UK today. It completely envelops the heating pipes leaving no gaps or spaces and it is highly thermally conductive thus being environmentally friendly because it uses less energy to heat the room. The cost savings in the use of energy compared with radiators will go on for as long as the building is in existence. Underfloor heating is also more effective than radiators which rely on convection. Because the whole floor is heated evenly the room is too whereas with radiators there will always be areas which are warmer than others. Liquid Screed also installs underfloor heating if required. Guy says:” Liquid Screed Ltd uses the very latest modern multilayer pipes and control systems plus there is no other company in the UK that understands warm water underfloor heating systems as Liquid Screed Ltd does. All our installers are CPCS approved and have many years’ experience of the underfloor heating industry.” The company does everything from initial design through to a perfectly levelled floor that will last for decades. About the Company: Liquid Screed Ltd is the foremost installer of liquid screeds for flooring in the UK and can now provide underfloor heating and liquid screeds anywhere in the country. For further information contact Andy Guy on 0203 781 7775 or email: Liquid Screed Ltd Office 7 35-37 Ludgate Hill England London EC4M 7JN

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